July 28th, 2014

I love to see the temple!

I have no clue where to start describing this crazy awesome week!

Monday we were driving to one of our amazing member’s houses in Illinois and the bridge was closed so we had to drive into Wisconsin to get there. Of course we had to stop in a sketchy trailer/store to get some genuine Wisconsin cheese 🙂 (See picture #1)

Over the whole week we got to teach Jes over the phone and I am amazed by her desire to learn. She teaches us 🙂

Then on Saturday we went to Nauvoo for Bret and Chelsea’s sealing!!!! I feel so lucky to know them and that for some reason Heavenly Father let me be a small part in their lives! The sealing was incredible just to see them know that death is not the end of their time together! Wow. I love the Temples and the Gospel.  That short time in the temple was probably the highlight of my mission thus far. As missionaries we talk about Enduring to the end and being able to help those we teach, make covenants in the temple and I was blessed to see that!

Sister Merrick drove us to Nauvoo so we got the opportunity again to see the pageant! Again I am not sure why I have been so lucky to see so much on my mission.

So many more happy things happened this week like getting to see pictures of Braelyn! I am stoked to have a new addition to the family! Heavenly Father really does love us!

President called me this morning told me I was being transferred from Dubuque, and asked me to be a sister training leader. It still hasn’t hit me yet what that means mostly because I’m not really sure haha. We will see! All I know right now is that I am going to miss Dubuque and the people here very much!

I love you all!

Sister Despain

Jes and I

Dubuque District

The Grimes’

Wisconsin Cheese


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