August 4th, 2014

What a long change-filled week!

Saying goodbye in Dubuque was brutal. I cannot believe how quickly I love the people where I serve, then having to say goodbye is difficult. BUT I know that I will love this area just as much.

Due to transfers, the beginning of the week was all goodbyes and testimonies. The Marshallese members threw Hermana Law, Elder Peter, and I a see you later party. I am learning that as a missionary you have to say goodbye many times but really you will get to see all of these members and investigators again! I am so glad I know Sister Brown will take wonderful care of Dubuque and all the people there for me!

At transfers I got sent to Ceder Rapids with Sister Hill! Seriously we get along so well, this is going to be amazing! She has been out 6 weeks longer than me but has had a ton of leadership opportunities so she knows what to do. I am grateful that I get to learn from her with this new responsibility we have. We live with a wonderful couple in the ward in their very nice house. The people we teach are from all over the world: Pompey, Haiti, Africa. Who would have guessed. Everything is still so new to me I am trying to process it all and get into the swing of things so I don’t have too much to tell today.

Thank you for all of the support and love! I can feel it all the way in Ceder Rapids, Ia.

~Sister Despain


The Jally’s

Sister Hill & I

My bedroom

“See you later” Party!


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