August 25th, 2014

Iowa sure is growing on me!

Monday we had a fairly uneventful p-day until we pulled into to the garage at the Andersons. They had their sprinklers on (which is VERY unusual for Iowa since the grass usually gets green from all the moisture) and I could not pass up an opportunity. I looked at sister Hill and ran before she could say anything. At first she just laughed at me and then realized how fun it looked. We ran in them for thirty minutes laughing and acting like kids. Brother Anderson had a good laugh at us when we came inside the house. Sometimes I forget the little things Heavenly Father gave us are so we can have joy (2 Nephi 2:25)!

Tuesday we embarked on my first exchanges in Cedar Falls. I was with Sister Pierce and getting to know the other sisters is one of the best things about being a sister training leader! We knocked on doors and didn’t find a single person, but I did get offered some pigs’ feet to eat. Sometimes Heavenly Father wants us to show him we are willing to be diligent even if we see nothing from our efforts! On the way home Sister Hill and I saw a sign for the world’s largest frying pan so we had to stop. Oh Iowa.

The rest of the week until Saturday was the normal Cedar Rapids missionary work. Lots of appointments and finding new people often. This area is so blessed and I am lucky to be serving here with Sister Hill. I pray that transfers leaves us alone in a few weeks 🙂

Saturday I got to reunite with Sister Bingham and we had a day to be companions. She is a great missionary and I wish our companionship could have been less stressful in Iowa City. She is training Sister White from Chino, AZ but sister white came like pre-trained. She is very in tune with the spirit! On exchanges we met some interesting people from Haiti so we had to attempt to teach using French pamphlets. A few are actually interested and we will meet with them again this week. All I do on exchanges is learn from the sisters around me. It is a neat experience!

Sister Hill has pointed out that we am becoming very Iowan in our speech. I don’t even notice until she points it out. Using phrases like “a couple few” and “warsh”. Iowa sure is growing on me

I love you all! For anyone that is reading the Book of Mormon with me we should be on page 270 today.

~Sister Despain

Cedar Falls exchanges AugExchanges we sister in the area

Cr 1exchanges

Frying panFrying pan adventures!!

Sprinklers2After running through the sprinklers


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