August 11th, 2014

This email will be very short but it is mostly because there is a line of people waiting for computers here at the library. I love Ceder Rapids and am still trying to adjust and remember all the information: names, directions, all the background of each person, and so much more.

We went to mission leadership council this week in Iowa City and my entire mission the people that go to mlc make it sound so secret but myth busted. The majority of the all day meeting was area reports and then the other part was training. Nothing secret, nothing new. I learned a lot and will have to train in a few meetings this week on what I learned.

The main efforts of our week went to finding since hardly any of our investigators were home. They were all at a sweet corn festival at a large church in the area. Other than that we had Eli and Eric (a mother and her son) come to church and set a baptismal date for September. O also I met the Reels (a family in the ward) and they made me feel so at home! Same from last week Sister Hill rocks and the work goes on 🙂

Love you all!

~Sister Despain

Here is a little story that Kelsey shared with me! I thought it was hilarious and I think you will too!
“One very funny thing that happened while we were out finding was an older man in a wheel chair came up to us and asked me how my love life was….. I was shocked and couldn’t even reply before he whispered, “You little devil!”, then rode off………..excuse me IOWA! HAHAHHAHA Obviously sister Hill and I died laughing. Some people!”

Bad picture from mission leadership council of the sisters matching in dots…thats what you get for having elders take the pictures!

Pompey(spelt wrong) snack of papaya, koolaid mix, kimchi, and vinegar…yum…we will take it for the road.


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