July 7th, 2014

Another fantastic week! Seriously the work here has been picking up like crazy! Today alone we already had one member call us to meet with her friend that all of a sudden wants to learn about the church. This really is the Lord’s work! Aside from all the wonderful people we are already blessed to teach we get to add two new people, Jill and Denise. They are both so nice and ready to learn more.

The members in Dubuque are amazing as well and we saw many of them this week at events and as always I found out a few of them are Aggies!

I wasn’t sure I would get to see any fireworks this week but on July 3rd we got permission to go with the Zirkers to the air show and fireworks. Then Saturday after Zone training in Clinton we went to a ward party that had fireworks. I am grateful Heavenly Father made so many pretty things in this world that we can enjoy šŸ™‚ I love you all but I again my time goes by too quick on email! I will send lots of pictures next week of Nauvoo and the pageant šŸ™‚


Sister Despain

Ty on the way to fireworks!

The Zirkers, Beth, & Toles at fireworks

Sister Brown & I

On the 4th in the cool frozen yogurt place in Dubuque

Our zone

DSC02989 (1)It looks like we are partying harder than we really were. haha just watching fireworks at the ward party šŸ™‚


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