July 14th, 2014

Where do I begin? I guess I will give a day-by-day description of my week starting with Tuesday πŸ™‚

*Tuesday: Nauvoo! We had the awesome opportunity to go to Nauvoo as a district. We attended the Temple and the Pageant! As a church we are so blessed to have so many temples across the world, but I feel so lucky to have the Nauvoo temple so close to me. As always the pageant was a great reminder of all who sacrificed before us so we can have the gospel today! It strengthened my testimony that Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God and this is Christ’s restored church!

*Wednesday: Exchanges with the sister training leaders. Sister Cannon was with me and she is so fun! We worked hard even though I was running on not even four hours of sleep!

*Thursday: Planning for next week and the beginning of “called to serve”, a program the stake does where laurels and priests are “mini missionaries” with us for a weekend. I was lucky and got Sister Butler as my companion again. She was my mini missionary in Davenport last year! We were expecting two mini missionaries and had double booked all of our appointments so we had to reschedule. Busy busy!

*Friday: got an early morning call that we were getting another mini missionary…. so we had to re-schedule all of our rescheduled appointments haha. We are definitely learning how to plan! District meeting (I got to see Sister Larsen and Logan Larsen from Davenport), finding, and teaching!

*Saturday: ward Luau so we invited EVERYONE to it and we had over 10 investigators there, plus kids. Church tours and lessons all evening! Not to mention the activity was fun! Sister Jally even let me borrow one of her Marshallese dresses to wear πŸ™‚

*Sunday: Teaching Jes is my favorite! I am so lucky to get to be even a small part in her conversion! I am sad she doesn’t live in Dubuque so I can see her more often but I am glad she is here most weekends. Church was uplifting and we had four investigators come! Social conversion is so important and something that sometimes we overlook!

As you can tell this week was busy but if every week could be like this I would give up sleep anytime!

Love you all!

-Sister Despain

Sister Brown & I at the Nauvoo Temple

Sister Randall & I

Logan Larsen (he’s still not sure about me)

Mini Missionaries!


Ward Luau

Sweet Marshallese Dress, huh!?!


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