June 30th, 2014

Happy Happy Week! The happiest part was we got to teach Jes again and she is awesome. We talked about the plan of salvation and she said she has been studying it on her own and she knows it is really God’s plan for us. She is so prepared. She is working towards a baptismal date in August. For some reason we just get along really well and I feel like I’ve known her forever. She is three months younger than me and I am pretty sure she could do anything; she makes me feel like I need to accomplish more!

We did service and taught all week. These past few weeks are feeling to me what I thought missionary work would be. Just constantly busy and super focused on the work. Did I mention I love my new companion? haha We are so different in personality, interests, everything basically so it is weird we get along so well.

One of the service opportunities we found was helping our next-door neighbor move from upstairs to downstairs. We asked if we could help because we were weekly planning and could hear them outside. It was four older ladies and so we were put to work. They couldn’t say my last name right (apparently Despain is a tough one) so they started calling me sissy #1 and Sister Brown was sissy #2. We laughed and helped for almost 4 hours. I am very glad I not only know how to work but am strong enough to be useful haha They were going to throw out some workout machines so they gave them to us to put to use in stead 🙂 They had a million questions about the church and are coming to our ward Luau in a few weeks. I love having the opportunity just to serve!

I hope you all have a wonderful July fourth! I love you all!


Sister Despain

imagejpeg_0A picture Dad got from a member on the 4th of July!

IMG_8201Sister Paul & I


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