June 23rd, 2014

What a week! The majority of this week was Sister Paul saying goodbye to members and then preparing for transfers on Thursday. My new companion is also from California, but Northern Cali instead of the Southern part in a small town called Gridley.  Her name is Sister Brown and she is so sweet! I don’t know her too well yet but I am excited to be her companion that’s for sure! She has been out only one transfer less than me.  Other than that we have just been trying to find more people to teach.
Yesterday we had two miracles. The first one was having the opportunity to meet with Jestine who is the girlfriend of one of the ward members. She is amazing and for some reason we were able to instantly connect. As we taught about the restoration I felt the Spirit again tell me that what I was teaching was absolutely true. One of the many perks of being a missionary is getting the chance to have the Spirit testify to you over and over again. The second miracle was resetting a baptismal date with Shakari. I am so glad I get to stay in Dubuque!! I love it here!
Love you all!
~Sister Despain
My New companion Sister Brown
my now old district

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