May 19th, 2014

D&C 125:1 “What is the will of the Lord concerning the saints in the Territory of Iowa?”

This is what I get to think every morning when I wake up and all day long. This question has become one of my favorite scriptures because it reminds me why am I am here. Like most weeks we had so much interaction with the members in our ward. Doing service for/with them and teaching them. We are stoked because one of the ladies that has been exercising so much faith to be fully active in the gospel, gets to go to the Nauvoo temple this next week. Again, that change that we get to see is incredible!

We met with most of our investigators, and it makes me sad because the major issue that most of them are having is simply setting aside three hours each week to come to church. To them it isn’t important and they don’t understand that in those three hours we renew covenants, learn from each other, and so much more because they just won’t come learn for themselves. I am grateful for agency but for me it is a struggle to watch people not choose to do the little things God asks. Life style changing commandments, easy for them to give up. Three hours at church, nope… Sorry about my tangent but we have a few golden people so prepared to be baptized except for church attendance. Any advice?

For one of our investigators we helped her with yard work this week. She began by telling us how she hates dandy lions and she wanted them all out of her lawn, so we spent a little bit pulling up these flowers and I found many many worms….some that were accidently cut in half by my dandy lion digger… My companion tried to come up with the parable of the dandy lion that they may look nice at first(like many of Satan’s tactics) but they will eventually overtake your yard(and life). I on the other hand feel bad for the dandy lions because they probably don’t know they are weeds….for this Sister Zirker, Sister Paul and Teresa looked at me like I was insane. I am used to those looks by now 🙂

Saturday, Sister Paul was knocked out with a crazy bad cold that she then gave to me. Sunday with the Beytiens and Lowders for dinner felt like home as always 🙂 In a few weeks the Rasmusens(Jessica Nelson’s cousins) are moving to Idaho. I am sad to see them leave now but selfishly I am glad they will be closer when i get home. This ward in general is awesome.

Overall this week was fun! The weeks go by so fast now.

I love you all!

Sister Despain

ps if I already shared this video I am sorry but it never ceases to be my favorite


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