April 28th, 2014

This week was a blur and so great! As usual I met so many awesome people. The members here in Dubuque are bomb. It is crazy how fast you feel like family in a ward with people you have only known for a few weeks! The Hayes, Ricks, Toles, Zirkers, Beytiens, etc, etc, etc. Seriously I am learning so much from everyone. Not to mention the people we are teaching that are so prepared to hear the gospel! Beth is getting baptized on Saturday and she is stoked about it! We had a miracle this week of three new investigators. While on exchanges Sister Dixon and I went out finding all day while our companions were sick 😦 Anyway we knocked on the door of this guy named Cody who said he was interested. We planned a time to come back and it fell through like most appointments. But then he called us and rescheduled…and it fell through. Then the third time he scheduled an appointment it did not fall through. Not only that but he brought two of his friends that are also interested! The lesson was so peaceful and things just clicked for them. Lessons like that are a reminder that it is so not us teaching but the Spirit! 

 Some fun random things I did this week include: making a shelf(sanding, painting, the works) for a member, getting soaked by the rain, singing in an Easter catada(fancy word for ward choir), and  for p-day last Monday we went to the Mines of Spain. Basically it was a series of hikes and cool old monuments like old churches, gravesites, burial mounds. I went trail running with Sister Stahle and it felt good to feel normal 🙂 One of the elders that is from the Kitabis(probably spelt wrong) island said that the Mines of Spain looked just like hiking through Fiji. All of you that doubt how pretty Iowa is(sometimes myself included) I wish pictures could show you other wise. Iowa is unique you just have to search a little harder to find it 🙂
I love you all!
Sister Despain
Wisconsin is in my area!

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