April 21st, 2014

Happy Easter Everyone!!  This week was busy but flew by! Since Dad told me last week that my emails are not long enough I remembered to bring my journal to fill you in a little more 🙂

Monday we had family home evening with the Saitos in our ward. They are Marshallese and make the best food! And lots of it! I will never starve in Dubuque with the Saitos around.
Tuesday was awesome exchanges! Sister Dixon who also went to USU(go aggies!) was my companion for the day and we had so much fun! She was semi-sick and so she said she had a pony voice….her voice was a little horse. While we were out finding we knocked into a guy named Cody who asked us to please come back and told us we were an answer to his prayers. Moments like that are why being a missionary is great!
Random happy moments: Aline and James(one of our investigators) finally set a marriage date for this summer so they can progress! Yay! Beth passed her baptism interview! Yay!  We found a new couch for a lady in the ward going through so many trials. I love finding simple opportunities to serve! For a Relief Society activity we tied blankets for the hospital in town. Sister Robison took us to get frozen yogurt and the tables were giant teacups.
On Saturday we had a Marshallese first birthday. The first birthday is the biggest party for them. We couldnt stay but they made us grab food and gave US gifts on the way out. So fun!
Easter Sunday was nice. Not only the weather but just how peaceful it felt. We ate dinner with Beth(she is getting baptized next week) and the Lowders at the Beytiens. I love Dubuque!
I have to go but I hope this is more information for you Dad 🙂
I love you all!
Sister Despain

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