March 24th, 2014

Spring Break proved to be fairly uneventful since everyone was out of town! We finally met with every single one of our members, active and not so active, since I have been here. We did some door knocking and I was reminded why I love bus finding. No one can slam a door in your face. 🙂

We were in and out of doctor’s appointments for one of my companions, which was not the funnest thing for her 😦 Being sick on the mission is frustrating but hopefully we will get all of that cleared up in the next few days.

Transfers are Thursday and we still are waiting to find out who is leaving or staying. Days like these mess with your mind. I feel like I am staying and my companions are leaving BUT when you think you know what is happening is usually when it doesn’t.

New investigator…. kind of (….once we figure out how old he is we will have to pass him off to other missionaries. ) Then meeting with our other investigators that were in town. Overall we had a good week.

I don’t have any funny stories or super exciting news except there is only a thirty percent chance of snow today 🙂 Spring is finally coming!

I love you all!

Sister Despain

(A little glimpse into the life of Kelsey, the Sister Missionary)




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