February 24th, 2014

Writing weekly emails is tough. For me it seems like the weeks are now two days or less. I do similar things everyday so I run out of things to say. We had two potentials get back to us this week so we should have appointments with them next week if they don’t cancel on us šŸ™‚ The weather was awesome this week! Almost 50 degrees! I didn’t even wear my coat! As with every week we met with out wonderful members and we even had a few activities! My favorite was the bishopric breakfast on Saturday! I got to play with all the two-year-old boys in the ward that for some reason want me to play cars with them all the time! It is the best. Other than that we just did a ton of finding on buses and member lessons. O one funny story! On Friday night we were coming home from the institute and we had to take the bus home. As you might know the university here is the number one party school and we saw that full force on one of the campus buses as it stopped at all the dorms to bring the students downtown. At first it was weird but you could quickly tell the ones that were going to study and didn’t appreciate the party life. We were able to talk to many people and invite them to next weeks activities šŸ™‚ The gospel is true!

Love you all!

Sister Pratt & I celebrating our 1/2 way day!!!

DSC04945Haircut Time!

DSC04978My companions & I (Sister Bingham & Sister King)

DSC05010Sister Bingham and I training for the Olympics while waiting for the bus!

DSC05011Me accidentally matching with our zone leader at church

DSC05012Sister King gets a little crazy with the pictures, haha…

DSC04985Camden Barker


One thought on “February 24th, 2014

  1. I’m really proud of what you’re doing. The Lord is blessing you every day. You’re making memories that will be with you forever. Make them good ones. Pray always and trust in the Lord. Fear no one? Love ya lots, Uncle Lawrence.

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