February 24th, 2014

Writing weekly emails is tough. For me it seems like the weeks are now two days or less. I do similar things everyday so I run out of things to say. We had two potentials get back to us this week so we should have appointments with them next week if they don’t cancel on us 🙂 The weather was awesome this week! Almost 50 degrees! I didn’t even wear my coat! As with every week we met with out wonderful members and we even had a few activities! My favorite was the bishopric breakfast on Saturday! I got to play with all the two-year-old boys in the ward that for some reason want me to play cars with them all the time! It is the best. Other than that we just did a ton of finding on buses and member lessons. O one funny story! On Friday night we were coming home from the institute and we had to take the bus home. As you might know the university here is the number one party school and we saw that full force on one of the campus buses as it stopped at all the dorms to bring the students downtown. At first it was weird but you could quickly tell the ones that were going to study and didn’t appreciate the party life. We were able to talk to many people and invite them to next weeks activities 🙂 The gospel is true!

Love you all!

Sister Pratt & I celebrating our 1/2 way day!!!

DSC04945Haircut Time!

DSC04978My companions & I (Sister Bingham & Sister King)

DSC05010Sister Bingham and I training for the Olympics while waiting for the bus!

DSC05011Me accidentally matching with our zone leader at church

DSC05012Sister King gets a little crazy with the pictures, haha…

DSC04985Camden Barker


February 17th, 2014

I get at least another six weeks here in Iowa City! I really love it here! We found so many service opportunities this week and because of the cold weather bus finding was awesome! No one wanted to be driving or walking 🙂 We had to say goodbye to the Smiths for a few weeks while they go to Arizona for vacation but they will be back soon!

On Valentines Day we did service and also helped with the fourth wards valentines dance/dinner. It was fun! Thank you for all the cards and Love. I am so grateful to have so many wonderful people supporting me!

Two awesome things that happened this week were both on Saturday! On our way to a member appointment we accidentally knocked on the wrong door and the lady inside quickly invited us in. She had met the elders and thought they had sent us to her. They were too busy to meet with her that night and she had really wanted them to come teach her. Heavenly Father knows each of us!

Then I got a card and pictures from the Grimes outside the temple! My goodness I miss those two! Saturdays are wonderful!

That basically sums up my week but like I said I am so grateful for the love I have felt this week. Not only from my family and friends, but also my Savior. I am so glad I get to be one of His missionaries here in Iowa City!

Love you all!

Sister Despain

The fourth sisters and us trying to watch the sunrise at Coralville Lake 🙂 freezing cold but I love these sisters!

My district

Sister Robertson & Sister Woodbury at transfers

Valentine’s Day! ❤

teamsZone P-day!

February 10th, 2014

This week was great! As of right now I am anxiously awaiting transfer calls, even though I am fairly certain I will stay in Iowa City. As always our members are stellar!

The coolest thing that happened this week was on Saturday. My companion, sister King, got permission to go to a baptism of a lady she taught a while back in Bettendorf so I got to go with her. Since I wasn’t allowed to call anyone to have them meet me there (like from Davenport since they are right next to each other) I wasn’t expecting to see anyone I knew. BUT I DID! Sarah, who I taught in Davenport was there with her kids. I got to find out that her nine-year-old son was also baptized last week! Miracle. And the best part was she didn’t even know the lady being baptized; she just decided to come to a baptism! It was so good to see her and see that she is still strong in the gospel!

“Fear not, and never stand still, but move on!”- Lorenzo Snow

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all and pray for you daily!


Sister Despain

Sarah and her kids at the baptism!

The bruise from the mean nurse poking me with needles 😦

Snowflakes here!! They really look like this!

February 3rd, 2014

The gospel is happy, so be happy!!  What a week! There have been so many miracles that we got to see. As a trio, we have been finding in all of our spare time. We found many potential investigators this week that actually fall into our demographic! That may not seem like much but, trust me it is! Now we are just praying for all of them to have an increased desire to learn more.

On exchanges this week we got to work with the fourth ward sisters. Sister Pratt, who is from Mesa is bomb! I hope one day I can be her comp. We taught lesson after lesson and I forgot how much I love teaching investigators. But with our one investigator we had a wonderful experience! The Mellings in our ward made us Slovak food yesterday and invited Trisha and her boyfriend. It was the first time we got to meet him and he is super nice. When we taught a short lesson he listened and commented. Heavenly Father really does know us individually!

Friday we had the opportunity to do service at the Children’s museum here for a free night and it was heaven. There was one room specifically for children under the age of five and their parents. Sister Bingham and I, stayed in that room and talked to parents. Since everyone fell into our demographic we talked to everyone. It was one of the highlights of my week.

I got a extremely small feel for what the pioneers went through (since everything here is Mormon trek based including street names and monuments it is on our mind often). We had to walk for about three miles in knee deep snow…(we could have avoided it but we took the wrong trail apparently) I am fairly certain that I came to earth now because I wouldn’t be able to handle being a pioneer in this weather.

This is a quote from my bishop that I adore. “We are not to be just consumers of joy, but we are to be producers.”-Bishop CS This gospel is happy and so be happy!!!! Love you all!

Sister Despain