January 13th, 2014

Lets see. Lets see. This past week we met with a lot of members in our ward. The members here are so ambitious and missionary minded. The only problem with the demographic is we have to find people that meet these guidelines:

-Must be married

-Married couples must be within the age of 18 and 30

-If they have children, the kids cannot be over the age of five or be starting kindergarten by the time you are done with school.

With such specific demographics I have turned into a ring watcher. I mean I share the gospel with all those I meet and give lots of referrals to our other missionaries, but I search for rings to see if the couples are married. Due to the cold weather though, gloves are a problem for spotting rings 🙂 Also watching for little kids or babies with their parents has turned into one of my hobbies as weird as that sounds.

Anyways I am loving Iowa City and am getting very familiar with the bus system. I continue to pray for you all and I love you all! Thank you for all you do for me!

Sister Despain

Watch these mormon messages- they are GREAT!



This is in Iowa City! Love you Cort!


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