January 6th, 2014

I got transferred last week to Iowa City, Iowa and so far I love it here, despite the weather, which currently is sitting at 40 below with the wind chill. It is true that you can pour hot water out of a pan and it immediately turns to steam (we tried it this morning). I live with members named the Beardsley’s and they are wonderful! We work out every morning in the Beardsley’s dance studio with Sister Beardsley.  My new companionS, yes I now have two and am in a tri-panionship, are great. Sister King and Sister Bingham are their names. We all have pushed our mattresses together (since we all live in one little room there is no other choice 🙂 and we stay nice and cozy warm at night.

We are the missionaries for the Iowa City Married University Ward. That means our ward is made up of lots of cute young married couples that are either in law, medical, or dental school. And the worst/best part is they all have adorable babies. The oldest kid in our ward is 3. It kills me! The members are so ready to do missionary work it is insane 🙂 And we only have one less active family. So different from Hannibal or Davenport!

Mostly I am just trying to adjust and take in everything at this point. I am stoked to be here. I love you all and miss you! O ya and happy New Year! And Happy Birthday Nic!


Sister Despain

I will miss my Hannibal family and Sister Robertson!

hello 2014!

Sister King & Sister Bingham (new Tri-panionship)


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