December 30th, 2013

As of right now I am waiting for calls about transfers on Thursday (not so patiently….) So I guess I will tell you all next week if I am still in Hannibal or somewhere in Iowa?

This week zoomed by with Christmas! Talking to you all was the best Christmas gift in the world! I got very spoiled with gifts 🙂

We got to teach a lot of lessons but because everyone was “busy” not much happened.

This work is so important. The more I study the scriptures and teach people that more I can start to understand how much Christ loves us and how much potential we have as children of God. When we realize how wonderful the knowledge we have of the restored gospel and that God continues to speak to us today through revelation it just makes sense to share it with the people we love. One of my favorite scriptures has become Mosiah 2:41. We truly are blessed when we keep the commandments of the Lord. It is the only way we can have TRUE, lasting happiness!

I love you all and I will talk to ya next year 🙂

Sister Despain

New Years’ Eve

Sister Robertson & Kelsey



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