December 23rd, 2013

Many are cold, but few are frozen! Freezing rain scares Missouri way too much! The truck was grounded for the weekend and it was like ice-skating on the sidewalks outside. Luckily I only saw one of our elders (as he was laughing at his companion for slipping) fall once all weekend so no broken bones here. It gets cold but nothing we can’t handle! We have just been walking and finding.

Other than that it has been a crazy week. We lost two investigators. One with a surprise move and the other her parents stopped allowing her to learn. And since they almost cancelled church due to the weather. We had almost no one at church including members. So really it was the opposite of a crazy week. It gave us the opportunity to really get out and talk to new people.

Sorry there is not much to say but I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!!! Make sure that you are focused on Christ even through the presents and busyness! I love you all!!!!


Sister Despain


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