January 27th, 2014

Iowa City week 4-

The weeks aredisappearing. I feel like we do weekly planning every three days. The work here in Iowa City is good; nothing new which is frustrating but life 🙂

I feel like I am being redundant, but the ward is amazing here. I aspire to be like them with how nice and accomplished they are. Yet still so invested in the gospel! I learn more from them then they do from me that’s for sure.

We also had interviews this week, which are always nice. The Jensen’s are wonderful! Other than that I had to train at district meeting and the APs just happened to be there.. that is nerve racking for some reason? Then Saturday night we had a super successful game night combined with the YSA branch. O by the way I am not sure if I mentioned it but this is the second ward out of three on my mission with Despain’s in it. Weird.

Well My weeks are all so similar so I am sorry I don’t have better stories! I love you all! Have a good week and enjoy the Gilbert Temple for me!


Sister Despain

Coralville Lake


January 20th, 2014

I am not sure what to tell you all. This week was just like last week.  We met with more of our amazing members. We are trying to find people but like I said before our demographic is super specific. My companion was sick again this week so I ended up beating them in a few rounds of phase 10. Our one investigator is just waiting on a ring to get married but she is solid! I love this ward! We just got a new ward mission leader that is excited to get to work. Other than that we just talk to lots of people for the other missionaries to teach which is still awesome! As long as we are doing to Lord’s work everything will fall into place!

Love you all!
Sister Despain

January 13th, 2014

Lets see. Lets see. This past week we met with a lot of members in our ward. The members here are so ambitious and missionary minded. The only problem with the demographic is we have to find people that meet these guidelines:

-Must be married

-Married couples must be within the age of 18 and 30

-If they have children, the kids cannot be over the age of five or be starting kindergarten by the time you are done with school.

With such specific demographics I have turned into a ring watcher. I mean I share the gospel with all those I meet and give lots of referrals to our other missionaries, but I search for rings to see if the couples are married. Due to the cold weather though, gloves are a problem for spotting rings 🙂 Also watching for little kids or babies with their parents has turned into one of my hobbies as weird as that sounds.

Anyways I am loving Iowa City and am getting very familiar with the bus system. I continue to pray for you all and I love you all! Thank you for all you do for me!

Sister Despain

Watch these mormon messages- they are GREAT!



This is in Iowa City! Love you Cort!

January 6th, 2014

I got transferred last week to Iowa City, Iowa and so far I love it here, despite the weather, which currently is sitting at 40 below with the wind chill. It is true that you can pour hot water out of a pan and it immediately turns to steam (we tried it this morning). I live with members named the Beardsley’s and they are wonderful! We work out every morning in the Beardsley’s dance studio with Sister Beardsley.  My new companionS, yes I now have two and am in a tri-panionship, are great. Sister King and Sister Bingham are their names. We all have pushed our mattresses together (since we all live in one little room there is no other choice 🙂 and we stay nice and cozy warm at night.

We are the missionaries for the Iowa City Married University Ward. That means our ward is made up of lots of cute young married couples that are either in law, medical, or dental school. And the worst/best part is they all have adorable babies. The oldest kid in our ward is 3. It kills me! The members are so ready to do missionary work it is insane 🙂 And we only have one less active family. So different from Hannibal or Davenport!

Mostly I am just trying to adjust and take in everything at this point. I am stoked to be here. I love you all and miss you! O ya and happy New Year! And Happy Birthday Nic!


Sister Despain

I will miss my Hannibal family and Sister Robertson!

hello 2014!

Sister King & Sister Bingham (new Tri-panionship)

December 30th, 2013

As of right now I am waiting for calls about transfers on Thursday (not so patiently….) So I guess I will tell you all next week if I am still in Hannibal or somewhere in Iowa?

This week zoomed by with Christmas! Talking to you all was the best Christmas gift in the world! I got very spoiled with gifts 🙂

We got to teach a lot of lessons but because everyone was “busy” not much happened.

This work is so important. The more I study the scriptures and teach people that more I can start to understand how much Christ loves us and how much potential we have as children of God. When we realize how wonderful the knowledge we have of the restored gospel and that God continues to speak to us today through revelation it just makes sense to share it with the people we love. One of my favorite scriptures has become Mosiah 2:41. We truly are blessed when we keep the commandments of the Lord. It is the only way we can have TRUE, lasting happiness!

I love you all and I will talk to ya next year 🙂

Sister Despain

New Years’ Eve

Sister Robertson & Kelsey


December 23rd, 2013

Many are cold, but few are frozen! Freezing rain scares Missouri way too much! The truck was grounded for the weekend and it was like ice-skating on the sidewalks outside. Luckily I only saw one of our elders (as he was laughing at his companion for slipping) fall once all weekend so no broken bones here. It gets cold but nothing we can’t handle! We have just been walking and finding.

Other than that it has been a crazy week. We lost two investigators. One with a surprise move and the other her parents stopped allowing her to learn. And since they almost cancelled church due to the weather. We had almost no one at church including members. So really it was the opposite of a crazy week. It gave us the opportunity to really get out and talk to new people.

Sorry there is not much to say but I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!!! Make sure that you are focused on Christ even through the presents and busyness! I love you all!!!!


Sister Despain

December 16th, 2013

I don’t know where to start about this week. Tuesday we got to go to Nauvoo again for Zone Conference! I ended up having to sing a musical number but then the day got better. We had district skits, watched Ephriams Rescue, and had some sweet talks. I did get some sad news that Sister Harkness and Sister Delue from Quincy are getting transferred early because sister Harkness got her Visa for Argentina. But I am excited for them!

Lets see…what else…our truck got grounded for a little bit because of a massive storm that came through Hannibal. For a place that gets snow every year they acted like it was the end of the world. Sister Robertson and I just got out and walked to all of our appointments. I love my winter clothes that keep me so warm!

The best part of the week was Carlee! She is 13 and such a bright spot in my life! Seriously she is so prepared. The way we just knocked into her and she is just soaking up the gospel. She came to the branch Christmas party and church and fit right in! Wow I am so blessed to even get to be teaching her!

We really made some progress with a few others we are teaching but it is completely the Spirit. The wonderful thing about being a missionary at Christmas is that I get to focus so much on the real meaning. I am so grateful for Christ and that He chose to be born and live so all the things I experience, even when I feel so alone, I am not. He is always with me and understands me and my situation completely. He can be our most constant friend if we let Him. I love this gospel!

Love you all!

Sister Despain

Zone Conference in Nauvoo

Sister Harkness & Sister Delue

12 Days of  Christmas!

Brother Ledford…..he is 90 and still plows his own snow!

GIANT Santa & Snowman

My crafty skills coming out! I made this sock monkey!