November 4th, 2013

Well the reason I am emailing so late in the day is because we had a lady in our branch pass away. We handed out books of Mormon, Plan of Salvation pamphlets, and I washed a ton of dishes (my hands are still wrinkly…. thank you mom and dad for teaching me how to work hard!) Today was super busy just like every other day this week!

Our miles ran out since we have to drive to Quincy for district meeting so the first of this week we had the *privilege of walking Hannibal. It also just so happened that the first of the week was rainy and the worst fog I have ever seen. Thank goodness for umbrellas and raincoats! Too bad waterproof skirts don’t exist. Anyway, walking lead to so many opportunities. We walked to the nearest member in a nursing home close by and the Sister was not in good condition (hence the funeral today) but we arrived when her whole family was there and they thought someone from the church had called and told us to come. Heavenly Father really leads us to the places we need to be!

We spent Halloween with her family, visiting a few other less active members (we even heard someone speak in tongues…), and then decorating Halloween cookies at the Edwards. Very eventful day!

Other than that we had interviews with President and met a man named Kevin who is stoked to learn about the gospel. O and the Sherwood girls painted me monkey pictures. Weeks are starting to fly by! Which seems insane! I love you all and will write you next Tuesday (Monday is veterans day!)


Sister Despain

P.S.I might not be able to get letters in the mail this week to ya!

Sister Robertson & I

My Zone

Halloween Cookies

The Fog!


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