November 25th, 2013

Well this week was AWESOME! Katia was baptized and confirmed! The spirit was so strong and she was so incredibly happy! She had me give a talk at the baptism on Thursday on the Holy Ghost and for some reason I remember one of my teachers speaking at my baptism…. maybe Ms. Brinkerhoff? I cannot remember but in my mind that is who it was. Anyway that was one of the first times on my mission that I could remember how I felt when I was baptized. The spirit really does bring things to your remembrance. I love being a missionary and getting to play such a small part in people feeling God’s love! I just wish everyone would let themselves feel it! haha….. That frustrating agency!

That was the big highlight of my week that brought me all my warmth because the weather sure isn’t bringing any warmth to me! It has been 9 degrees and stinkin’ cold. Utah State thinks they have booger freezing cold…. wrong! I would trade a Logan winter instead of this wind any day! But I only get one winter here so I better enjoy it 🙂

This transfer our district didn’t change much except for here in Hannibal we got a new elder. Now we have two in training and two trainers in Hannibal. The young ones doing work. And Sister Harkness and Sister Deleue are still in Quincy and I adore them! We get to see them every week for district meeting and we also had a youth fireside on…missionary work…shocker!

Sorry I am jumping around but I wanted to let you know that missionaries make great substitute teachers for primary! Sister Robertson and I taught singing time this week and we had a blast with it! Every week we are in a different class. Last week we subbed a primary class and next week we are teaching relief society. We love it!

Well I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and feel my love! I get the privilege of eating thanksgiving for two days…two meals a day maybe. Yikes but Yum! I read a wonderful talk this week on by President Hunter,  Master the Tempest is Raging, it doesn’t have much to do with thanksgiving but I love it! Again I love you all!


Sister Despain

PS isn’t it insane to think this past week I had my 6th click day. This time next year I will be home eating Thanksgiving with you!

Our missionary Christmas project

Mark Twain Lighthouse in the POURING rain

Katia’s Baptism!! YAY!!

We got to teach sharing time!


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