November 18th, 2013

So this week was so quick! My birthday seemed like a blur but I had a wonderful day! Thank you for the package and letters! Sister Robertson painted me an awesome Arizona picture for my wall 🙂

The elders made me brownies and I also got a cake from the Ruesch’s and Katia made me one as well. The branch members were so kind and loving this week! Needless to say I am sweeted out! I must say the best present I got though was that Katia had her baptismal interview on my birthday! Katia’s baptism is on Thursday!!!!!!!!! She is so excited and I love that girl! She is a wonderful example!

We had so many ups and downs! We found two new investigators this week. John has had a Book of Mormon for years and has read it twice! He is stoked to finally become a member of this church…he didn’t even know there was one in Hannibal! Then Hilly and Sicilia 😦  They are both too set in their ways to even want to change. That is so sad to hear that people don’t think Christ has the ability to help.

Anyways we also had the Baker’s Convention, which is where the men in the branch make the cakes, and we vote on them for all these categories…. no help from the women making or cleaning up. It was fun but again so many sweets. I couldn’t even eat the cake.

We also got to spend time raking leaves and giving service, which was fun! Brother Ledford an older member of the branch is so nice! Last night we went to dinner at the Sherwoods and Creighton their 4-year-old boy hugged me when I was leaving and said, “Sister Despain, Me love you.” He is the cutest! I love Hannibal and am glad the storms missed us!

Well t that is all I can think of this week! As of now I haven’t heard about transfers but I doubt I am leaving so I can finish training 🙂 Love you all!

Sister Despain


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