November 12th, 2013

Well this week was hectic! We haven’t had much time to breath we have been running everywhere. Right now I am in Kirksville, Mo for the day because we have zone training meeting. As a mission we have a goal of bringing 550 souls unto Christ this year and as of now we are at 409…there are still so many people prepared to hear the gospel! This letter is going to be very short because I can’t remember much of what happened this week.

My favorite part of this week was when we randomly stopped by our investigator, Andrew’s house. We haven’t talked to him since we met him about two weeks ago and we thought he wasn’t interested. When we knocked on his door he invited us to walk his dogs with him and so we jumped on the offer. After chatting for a while as we walked we asked if he had read any of the BoM and he said…”only to the end of 1 Nephi!” what we were astounded! He even remembered it all! Then I started talking about the plan of salvation and he ask me “where in the BoM can I read about that!” I was shocked and thrilled! He is so solid and is eager to learn more! We are showing him around the church on Thursday!

We went to the mark twain caves and lovers leap this week and also I had to touch a dead cat.(long story short, as we were leaving a dinner we saw a cat dead in the road. Assuming it was one of the cats of the member we just left we went back to tell her. She said “sister Despain. Can you feel his heart beating?” I about died touching it but it definitely wasn’t beating…. yikes)

Overall this week was good but busy! Weeks are flying by and I can’t believe it is already the middle of November. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Love you all!

Sister Despain

This place is called lovers leap. It’s kinda creepy because there is an old legend that two people jumped off it together rather than be apart…. Romeo and Juliet style. Anyway it is basically the Hannibal make out point hahahah YUCK!

Mark Twain Cave


Below are a few random pictures of Kels and puppies?IMG_0117 IMG_0130 IMG_0137


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