December 9th, 2013

It snowed here! Not much stuck except on the roads. Luckily we have a truck 🙂 We spent most of our week going finding because most of our investigators aren’t showing real commitment so there must be others the Lord has fully prepared right now!

One of our investigators when we talked about the word of wisdom she said, “Well we are all addicted to things. Like you are addicted to church!” I could not contain my laughter and I accepted that as a compliment haha. We had zone training meeting about how happiness is our choice and we can either choose to be super happy or let ourselves be sad!

Hannibal has a strange tradition of a Christmas parade…. at 6 pm…When it is 19 degrees out. We went and talked to a ton of people but it wasn’t the smartest time for a parade! We also got to watch the Christmas devotional at the Voelkels 🙂 My goodness I love them!  And the devotional was awesome!

The absolute highlight of my week was the opportunity I had to go to the Nauvoo temple! We went with the Todd’s and the Quincy sisters! Attending the temple is probably one of the things I miss the most about being on my mission and only getting to go every 6 months. The temple is not only gorgeous but the spirit is so strong! After the temple we attended the Pioneer Christmas celebration with Wagon rides (Grandpa we rode with Tim and Tom and Chad and Champion. I made sure I remembered the names for you!) , Hot chocolate, and lots of singing even in 0 degrees! I even got to see the Marshalls from Davenport there! I was getting hot chocolate and I heard someone yelling “SISTER DESPAIN!” It was Lucy Marshall and she pulled me over to her siblings. I was so happy to see them!

I love this time of year and all of you! Thank you for your support and Love!

Sister Despain

The Quincey sisters, Sister Robertson & Kelsey



December 2nd, 2013

Let’s see… This week was kind of uneventful. I was sick the day before thanksgiving with the Flu so that wasn’t the greatest and all of our appointments fell through all week.

Nevertheless, the week was wonderful! We found two new investigators that have real potential! One of the new investigators has a demon cat that attacked my hand :*(

Thanksgiving was delicious: Thursday at the Ruesch’s and Friday at the Sherwoods! I cannot even describe how full I was and how full our fridge is of leftovers. Food is not in shortage here in Hannibal!

We got a 3 feet Christmas tree that is already decorated and has lights 🙂 O and we also got a truck, so I am loving it! The weather has been awesome! I haven’t even worn a jacket the past two days!

My camera isn’t working to send pictures but hopefully I can get it to work next week! Sorry this email is so short but we had to cut our p-day short because we get to go to the temple in Nauvoo at the end of this week 🙂 🙂 🙂

I love being a missionary! This work is so worthwhile and even though the weeks can be tough Christ is NEVER going to ask us to do something that he hasn’t done. We are in wonderful company! I am thankful for all of you and love you all!

Remember what Elder Ballard challenged us to do! “If every member, young and old, shared the gospel with just one between now and Christmas, million would feel the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. And what a wonderful gift to the Savior!”


Sister Despain!

IMG_0193The lone picture from Thanksgiving!


November 25th, 2013

Well this week was AWESOME! Katia was baptized and confirmed! The spirit was so strong and she was so incredibly happy! She had me give a talk at the baptism on Thursday on the Holy Ghost and for some reason I remember one of my teachers speaking at my baptism…. maybe Ms. Brinkerhoff? I cannot remember but in my mind that is who it was. Anyway that was one of the first times on my mission that I could remember how I felt when I was baptized. The spirit really does bring things to your remembrance. I love being a missionary and getting to play such a small part in people feeling God’s love! I just wish everyone would let themselves feel it! haha….. That frustrating agency!

That was the big highlight of my week that brought me all my warmth because the weather sure isn’t bringing any warmth to me! It has been 9 degrees and stinkin’ cold. Utah State thinks they have booger freezing cold…. wrong! I would trade a Logan winter instead of this wind any day! But I only get one winter here so I better enjoy it 🙂

This transfer our district didn’t change much except for here in Hannibal we got a new elder. Now we have two in training and two trainers in Hannibal. The young ones doing work. And Sister Harkness and Sister Deleue are still in Quincy and I adore them! We get to see them every week for district meeting and we also had a youth fireside on…missionary work…shocker!

Sorry I am jumping around but I wanted to let you know that missionaries make great substitute teachers for primary! Sister Robertson and I taught singing time this week and we had a blast with it! Every week we are in a different class. Last week we subbed a primary class and next week we are teaching relief society. We love it!

Well I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and feel my love! I get the privilege of eating thanksgiving for two days…two meals a day maybe. Yikes but Yum! I read a wonderful talk this week on by President Hunter,  Master the Tempest is Raging, it doesn’t have much to do with thanksgiving but I love it! Again I love you all!


Sister Despain

PS isn’t it insane to think this past week I had my 6th click day. This time next year I will be home eating Thanksgiving with you!

Our missionary Christmas project

Mark Twain Lighthouse in the POURING rain

Katia’s Baptism!! YAY!!

We got to teach sharing time!

November 18th, 2013

So this week was so quick! My birthday seemed like a blur but I had a wonderful day! Thank you for the package and letters! Sister Robertson painted me an awesome Arizona picture for my wall 🙂

The elders made me brownies and I also got a cake from the Ruesch’s and Katia made me one as well. The branch members were so kind and loving this week! Needless to say I am sweeted out! I must say the best present I got though was that Katia had her baptismal interview on my birthday! Katia’s baptism is on Thursday!!!!!!!!! She is so excited and I love that girl! She is a wonderful example!

We had so many ups and downs! We found two new investigators this week. John has had a Book of Mormon for years and has read it twice! He is stoked to finally become a member of this church…he didn’t even know there was one in Hannibal! Then Hilly and Sicilia 😦  They are both too set in their ways to even want to change. That is so sad to hear that people don’t think Christ has the ability to help.

Anyways we also had the Baker’s Convention, which is where the men in the branch make the cakes, and we vote on them for all these categories…. no help from the women making or cleaning up. It was fun but again so many sweets. I couldn’t even eat the cake.

We also got to spend time raking leaves and giving service, which was fun! Brother Ledford an older member of the branch is so nice! Last night we went to dinner at the Sherwoods and Creighton their 4-year-old boy hugged me when I was leaving and said, “Sister Despain, Me love you.” He is the cutest! I love Hannibal and am glad the storms missed us!

Well t that is all I can think of this week! As of now I haven’t heard about transfers but I doubt I am leaving so I can finish training 🙂 Love you all!

Sister Despain

November 12th, 2013

Well this week was hectic! We haven’t had much time to breath we have been running everywhere. Right now I am in Kirksville, Mo for the day because we have zone training meeting. As a mission we have a goal of bringing 550 souls unto Christ this year and as of now we are at 409…there are still so many people prepared to hear the gospel! This letter is going to be very short because I can’t remember much of what happened this week.

My favorite part of this week was when we randomly stopped by our investigator, Andrew’s house. We haven’t talked to him since we met him about two weeks ago and we thought he wasn’t interested. When we knocked on his door he invited us to walk his dogs with him and so we jumped on the offer. After chatting for a while as we walked we asked if he had read any of the BoM and he said…”only to the end of 1 Nephi!” what we were astounded! He even remembered it all! Then I started talking about the plan of salvation and he ask me “where in the BoM can I read about that!” I was shocked and thrilled! He is so solid and is eager to learn more! We are showing him around the church on Thursday!

We went to the mark twain caves and lovers leap this week and also I had to touch a dead cat.(long story short, as we were leaving a dinner we saw a cat dead in the road. Assuming it was one of the cats of the member we just left we went back to tell her. She said “sister Despain. Can you feel his heart beating?” I about died touching it but it definitely wasn’t beating…. yikes)

Overall this week was good but busy! Weeks are flying by and I can’t believe it is already the middle of November. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Love you all!

Sister Despain

This place is called lovers leap. It’s kinda creepy because there is an old legend that two people jumped off it together rather than be apart…. Romeo and Juliet style. Anyway it is basically the Hannibal make out point hahahah YUCK!

Mark Twain Cave


Below are a few random pictures of Kels and puppies?IMG_0117 IMG_0130 IMG_0137

November 4th, 2013

Well the reason I am emailing so late in the day is because we had a lady in our branch pass away. We handed out books of Mormon, Plan of Salvation pamphlets, and I washed a ton of dishes (my hands are still wrinkly…. thank you mom and dad for teaching me how to work hard!) Today was super busy just like every other day this week!

Our miles ran out since we have to drive to Quincy for district meeting so the first of this week we had the *privilege of walking Hannibal. It also just so happened that the first of the week was rainy and the worst fog I have ever seen. Thank goodness for umbrellas and raincoats! Too bad waterproof skirts don’t exist. Anyway, walking lead to so many opportunities. We walked to the nearest member in a nursing home close by and the Sister was not in good condition (hence the funeral today) but we arrived when her whole family was there and they thought someone from the church had called and told us to come. Heavenly Father really leads us to the places we need to be!

We spent Halloween with her family, visiting a few other less active members (we even heard someone speak in tongues…), and then decorating Halloween cookies at the Edwards. Very eventful day!

Other than that we had interviews with President and met a man named Kevin who is stoked to learn about the gospel. O and the Sherwood girls painted me monkey pictures. Weeks are starting to fly by! Which seems insane! I love you all and will write you next Tuesday (Monday is veterans day!)


Sister Despain

P.S.I might not be able to get letters in the mail this week to ya!

Sister Robertson & I

My Zone

Halloween Cookies

The Fog!