October 21st, 2013

This week was a good one with LOTS of finding! I am learning quickly that the people of Missouri have an extra dislike for the LDS church…(D&C 52:42) BUT nevertheless Sister Robertson and I are working hard and talking to a ton of people each day! We love the people here regardless of how they feel about us 🙂

We give service at the library on Tuesdays and who knew that creepy men liked to hit on sister missionaries while they are re-shelving books? Well they do. The library is downtown near all of the Tom Sawyer attractions and the Mark Twain Dinnette with homemade root beer & onion rings. Most of the homes here are historic and one family in our ward lives in a home from 1893. It is right next to the Radcliff Mansion, which apparently is famous? I don’t know? That’s just what everyone keeps telling us. Another thing that Hannibal is famous for is their folk life festival that was this weekend. We street contacted so many people and I even bought a keychain…high roller 🙂

Zone Training Meeting was in Quincy this week and it was wonderful! This Zone is so welcoming and we learn from our meetings but they are FUN! And the best thing that happened this week was one of our investigators, Katia, set a baptismal date! We are so excited for her! She is awesome!

Well I have to run but I love you all!

Sister Despain

p.s. Mexican food here is NOT good…….they eat Tamales from a can……..

Lots of hills, EVERYWHERE!

Kels representing for Mighty Miracles in MO!

Halloween costume Cort sent me! Sister Robertson looks good!

Antler keychain I bought this week.


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