October 7th, 2013

So President called this morning and on Thursday I will be getting transferred, training, and opening a new area. Please pray for me!

As for this week it just flew by. We did a ton of teaching (as missionaries do ha-ha) We taught Rachel (the very first person I taught on my mission wanted to hear more), Dwayne(he came to conference is eager to learn,…yes this is the same man that ran away from me a few months ago) and we met Erasto, Kathy, and Kyle this week that want to learn. Davenport is the bomb and I know I am leaving it in such great hands with Sister Nye!

The Dealba’s feed us Taco Pizza…don’t judge. I did and I was wrong. It was yummy! Also Pumpkin Spice M&Ms rock. Sister Nye and I bought the last bag at Target.

The strangest thing about my week was a less active member trying to Anti us. Good thing I am not smart enough (or too smart?) to bible bash. We simply bore our testimonies and invited her to actually read the book of Mormon and watch conference. She said she would so we will see.

Speaking of Conference…WOW! All of the talks were wonderful and not a single one was irrelevant to me. I love that our Heavenly Father knows us all so well!

One of my favorites was Elder Scotts…but at this current moment I cant remember what it was on. All my notes are not actually quotes. I loved when Elder Holland said “I am a rigorous supporter of square shoulders and positive thinking.” Basically conference weekend is the best! Better than Iowa corn.

Also random fact but we were out talking to people on Tuesday night and I knocked on a door that had the name Sager on it and asked if he knew Mr. Sager (my 4th/5th grade teacher) and HE DID! In my excitement I totally forgot to ask him his name but it was wonderful. It is such a small world!

I hope this week is amazing! Remember that ALL your decisions are eternal!


Sister Despain

the cool bike path that we contact on.

Us studying outside on our cool porch truly Iowan style(everyone sits out on their porches at night)me playing in a homemade ball pit with our ward mission leaders son, Logan 🙂



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