October 14th, 2013

Well this week was too many goodbyes…. You get attached to people and give them your all and then boom you get transferred. But without change we don’t grow right? So now I am in Hannibal, Missouri in a small branch. For all of you that have no idea where Hannibal is, because I sure as heck didn’t, it is right next to the Mississippi river. We are in the Nauvoo stake about an hour south of Nauvoo and two hours north of St Louis. This is Mark Twain’s hometown.  I am training Sister Chelsie Robertson from Austin, Texas. We are opening up Hannibal and following a few not ideal missionaries…. Therefore some members and non-members don’t like or trust missionaries.  But here in Hannibal there is a lot of potential! We are just going to get to work and work smart! Love everyone to pieces until they have to like us 🙂

Our apartment is pretty torn up. Basically elders have lived there for years and years and so now everything is permanently dirty…. We try to clean it in our spare time but to no avail.

The most exciting thing that has happened to me since Thursday when I got here is on Friday I got purposed to…by a five year old named Taz. He is in our ward and apparently I won his heart because he begged me the entire time we were at dinner to be right next to him. ha-ha at least he likes us!

On Saturday we went to Nauvoo for the adult session of stake conference. We drove up with the Edwards and Ruesch’s. We only got to be in Nauvoo for about two hours but I love it there!

Yesterday at church it was an information overload of names, faces, all that jazz.


Sister Despain

Sisters Despain

Grace and Delilah

The Dealbas coin-o-mat

The Andersen’s

The Andersen’s

Kelsey & Sister NyeLast night with Sister Nye

Sister Robertson & Sister Despain

IMG_0074-1Nauvoo with Sister Robertson


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