October 28th, 2013

Well not a whole ton to say this week. Most of our appointments fell through or were less active members telling us they do not want to be members anymore. It was rough. I cannot understand their point of view right now, nor do I ever hope to really understand. The knowledge that we have is the answer to everything. Anyway, the work is moving on but slow and steady.

I learned how to storm proof windows this week haha. Yes. I have now climbed many many ladders in a skirt and tights. We basically give service a ton and search for teaching opportunities, plus knocking lots of doors. The Lord IS preparing people we just have to work hard and smart to find them 🙂 We did meet one man named Andrew when we were trying to contact a less active family. We taught him the restoration and he was excited to start reading the Book of Mormon. Exciting!

On Friday we drove five hours to attend an hour meeting for trainers. It was fun but I learned driving in a car for that long when you are used to constantly doing something is draining. We listened to Elder Ballard’s talk on Hyrum and Joseph as a companionship again. But it was just as good if not better the second time!

At one of our members that lives way out in the boonies, we got to see so many awesome stars after dinner. It was the first time I have taken time to look at the stars in a while. The world that is created just for us in fantastic! Also I got to see the Gilbert Temple on Lds.org and wow. I cannot wait to see the inside in about a year!

Well I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. I am excited because we get to basically be with members for beggars night and Halloween. Love you all!

Sister Despain


October 21st, 2013

This week was a good one with LOTS of finding! I am learning quickly that the people of Missouri have an extra dislike for the LDS church…(D&C 52:42) BUT nevertheless Sister Robertson and I are working hard and talking to a ton of people each day! We love the people here regardless of how they feel about us 🙂

We give service at the library on Tuesdays and who knew that creepy men liked to hit on sister missionaries while they are re-shelving books? Well they do. The library is downtown near all of the Tom Sawyer attractions and the Mark Twain Dinnette with homemade root beer & onion rings. Most of the homes here are historic and one family in our ward lives in a home from 1893. It is right next to the Radcliff Mansion, which apparently is famous? I don’t know? That’s just what everyone keeps telling us. Another thing that Hannibal is famous for is their folk life festival that was this weekend. We street contacted so many people and I even bought a keychain…high roller 🙂

Zone Training Meeting was in Quincy this week and it was wonderful! This Zone is so welcoming and we learn from our meetings but they are FUN! And the best thing that happened this week was one of our investigators, Katia, set a baptismal date! We are so excited for her! She is awesome!

Well I have to run but I love you all!

Sister Despain

p.s. Mexican food here is NOT good…….they eat Tamales from a can……..

Lots of hills, EVERYWHERE!

Kels representing for Mighty Miracles in MO!

Halloween costume Cort sent me! Sister Robertson looks good!

Antler keychain I bought this week.

October 14th, 2013

Well this week was too many goodbyes…. You get attached to people and give them your all and then boom you get transferred. But without change we don’t grow right? So now I am in Hannibal, Missouri in a small branch. For all of you that have no idea where Hannibal is, because I sure as heck didn’t, it is right next to the Mississippi river. We are in the Nauvoo stake about an hour south of Nauvoo and two hours north of St Louis. This is Mark Twain’s hometown.  I am training Sister Chelsie Robertson from Austin, Texas. We are opening up Hannibal and following a few not ideal missionaries…. Therefore some members and non-members don’t like or trust missionaries.  But here in Hannibal there is a lot of potential! We are just going to get to work and work smart! Love everyone to pieces until they have to like us 🙂

Our apartment is pretty torn up. Basically elders have lived there for years and years and so now everything is permanently dirty…. We try to clean it in our spare time but to no avail.

The most exciting thing that has happened to me since Thursday when I got here is on Friday I got purposed to…by a five year old named Taz. He is in our ward and apparently I won his heart because he begged me the entire time we were at dinner to be right next to him. ha-ha at least he likes us!

On Saturday we went to Nauvoo for the adult session of stake conference. We drove up with the Edwards and Ruesch’s. We only got to be in Nauvoo for about two hours but I love it there!

Yesterday at church it was an information overload of names, faces, all that jazz.


Sister Despain

Sisters Despain

Grace and Delilah

The Dealbas coin-o-mat

The Andersen’s

The Andersen’s

Kelsey & Sister NyeLast night with Sister Nye

Sister Robertson & Sister Despain

IMG_0074-1Nauvoo with Sister Robertson

October 7th, 2013

So President called this morning and on Thursday I will be getting transferred, training, and opening a new area. Please pray for me!

As for this week it just flew by. We did a ton of teaching (as missionaries do ha-ha) We taught Rachel (the very first person I taught on my mission wanted to hear more), Dwayne(he came to conference is eager to learn,…yes this is the same man that ran away from me a few months ago) and we met Erasto, Kathy, and Kyle this week that want to learn. Davenport is the bomb and I know I am leaving it in such great hands with Sister Nye!

The Dealba’s feed us Taco Pizza…don’t judge. I did and I was wrong. It was yummy! Also Pumpkin Spice M&Ms rock. Sister Nye and I bought the last bag at Target.

The strangest thing about my week was a less active member trying to Anti us. Good thing I am not smart enough (or too smart?) to bible bash. We simply bore our testimonies and invited her to actually read the book of Mormon and watch conference. She said she would so we will see.

Speaking of Conference…WOW! All of the talks were wonderful and not a single one was irrelevant to me. I love that our Heavenly Father knows us all so well!

One of my favorites was Elder Scotts…but at this current moment I cant remember what it was on. All my notes are not actually quotes. I loved when Elder Holland said “I am a rigorous supporter of square shoulders and positive thinking.” Basically conference weekend is the best! Better than Iowa corn.

Also random fact but we were out talking to people on Tuesday night and I knocked on a door that had the name Sager on it and asked if he knew Mr. Sager (my 4th/5th grade teacher) and HE DID! In my excitement I totally forgot to ask him his name but it was wonderful. It is such a small world!

I hope this week is amazing! Remember that ALL your decisions are eternal!


Sister Despain

the cool bike path that we contact on.

Us studying outside on our cool porch truly Iowan style(everyone sits out on their porches at night)me playing in a homemade ball pit with our ward mission leaders son, Logan 🙂


September 30th, 2013

September Flew! I cannot believe it is already going to be October. This week was full of hard work and some fun times.

 The best thing that happened this week is we met a guy named Palmer. He referred himself on Mormon.org, has been attending seminary every morning, and went to church just not in our ward. Basically he is golden. But with the third set of missionaries coming into our ward next week we will lose him out of our area 😦 but he is still so prepared.

The relief society broadcast was fantastic! It was such a boost to hear all of the encouraging words of the relief society presidency and the prophet. I am so stoked about General Conference!

MaryAnn got a priesthood blessing and it was wonderful to see her feel the spirit and not worry so much about the things of the world.

I was recruited into a solid nerf gun war with an 8-year-old boy in the ward at our dinner appointment. I got destroyed, but in my defense he has more practice with nerf guns. Also the Rays fed us jagerschnitzel after fasting yesterday. It was extremely tasty!

Other than that, our week was just a lot of street contacting and knocking doors. It is a little awkward because I am not sure if I am leaving next week or not. I don’t want to say goodbye but I also don’t want to miss my chance to do so. I hope I can stay in Davenport. But just in case please send all mail to the mission home!! at least for the time being.

Have a wonderful week and get excited for next weekend! General Conference is going to be amazing!


Sister Despain

Image(obviously I make quite the impression… Even with a name tag they can’t remember my name.)Image

(Paula and Tera in front of the Lydia home)Image

(A bat I named Alfred)


September 23rd, 2013

Well there isnt much to say this week to be honest.
Sister Nye and I got priesthood blessings this week and that made a huge difference in our week. Guys. Always be worthy to give blessings. It is so powerful to know that it is the authority from our Heavenly Father on earth.
We did exchanges with our sister training leaders which was fun. We barely got anything accomplished though. When you go into exchanges you expect these awesome spiritual expiriences and when nothing happens its tough but still good.
We volunteered at the Lydia Home on Friday night which is basically a neighborhood food pantry. The kids that go there are so adorable and I actually got to play bingo with them! Highlight of the week.
Um…a member gave us a blender so thats pretty cool. And it was the primary program this week.
Besides that, most of our appointments fell through and we did a lot of visiting less actives in the ward. We did find one new investigator but she lives about a street out of our area so we gave her over to the Bettendorf sisters. They must be doing something right becasue that is the third investigator we have given bettendorf in the past two weeks.
But all is well and that is missionary work. Some weeks are crazy good and some are just alright but the work is still great!
Hope you all have a fantastic week and keep the letters coming. 🙂
Sister Despain