September 16th, 2013

This week the weather got very bipolar. Hot and humid at the beginning and then rainy and cold towards the end…I tried to look for a coat today for the cold in vain. I think I’m gonna freeze here. 

Most of our week consisted of cancelled appointments and miracles in between!

Miracle #1 Marianne Kustes was baptized on Saturday! The Lord has prepared her so well.

Miracle #2 we met an 76 year old lady named Alice who basically looks and talks like Mama Odie from princess and the Frog. She had been praying for someone to come find her and then (because of a cancelled appointment) there we were!

Miracle #3 At our mission tour we met Elder Gay and the entire day was the spiritual boost I needed!  

Our Heavenly Father knows exactly how to bless his children.

We got to see Bret and Chels, Paula and Tera (they gave me a jacket so when i go running in the morning I wont freeze then 🙂

 The funniest moment of the week happened on Tuesday when we were at Grace’s (a less active woman in the ward). They got a kitten and its cute but is mean. Well anyways she was trying to run away from Delila Grace’s daughter and Sister Nye was trying to move her foot but instead accidently launched the kitten across the room. Cats really do always land on their feet 🙂

 Read the talk “profile of a prophet” by Hugh B. Brown. It is very well said.

Sorry this is short but I love you all! Keep writing. even updates on your lives is wonderful to hear!


Sister Despain

(We made it a goal to take more pctures this week so here is the result on Saturday when we realized we had failed the rest of the week! Sister Nye is bomb!)





One thought on “September 16th, 2013

  1. HI Sister Despain! I should have been replying to you every time I read your blog, so now I will! It is so fun and inspiring to read about your missionary experiences. You are so faithful and such a great missionary! I love the pictures too! You really did have miracles happen this week. The Lord provides a way for those that are ready, to hear the gospel. I’m glad you are happy with sister Nye. A good companion can make all the difference!

    We went with your parents and 5 other couples to dinner at OUtback Steakhouse last Friday night to celebrate his birthday early. It was so fun. Your mom got him a button that said “I’m 49 today!” He wore it proudly (at her insistence). We enjoyed our meal and good company, then went back to your house for cupcakes that Rochelle bought at some fantastic cupcake store in the Mall. Yummy! Today we will run by his card and tell him an official happy birthday. It worked out well that it landed on a Monday and your mom could be off to spend it with him. I sure love your parents!!

    We have been starting to teach people about the Family Search site more now. We are going to Kitterman’s tonight for FHE. Should be fun, but the kids are really young. So, mostly for the adults. All of their teenagers and older are on missions or out of the house already. People are really starting to use the family search to print off and do more temple work. That is exciting.

    I’m so glad we were able to meet up in Nauvoo in August. It’s over a month ago now! Time flies! Randy says to to tell you hi and he wishes you could see him today. 🙂 I know, original, right?

    Love you Kelsey! We are so proud of you. Keep up the work of the Lord and remember who you are!

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