September 9th, 2013

This week was fairly average missionary week. Nothing too fantastic happened but nothing sad either so it was good.

I lied, a few fantastic things happened. The most fantastic thing that happened this week is that we reset MaryAnne Kustes’s baptism date to next Saturday! She is so ready and wants to be baptized as soon as possible! Kamden wants to keep meeting with us! We texted him just to see how he was and he said he wanted to meet. His progress might be slow but that’s okay.

We met Tyisha, who is another wonderful person that is extremely prepared to hear the gospel. She simply typed in “free bibles” into Google and popped up first. Love it. She has lots of potential. MaryAnn Beck is still having trouble. She knows what is true but she wants to sit on the fence in deciding between what she knows to be true and the things of the world. I told her that there is NO fence sitting. You are either for Christ or against Him! She didn’t love that but it made her think finally. We went to a family night at Brother and Sister Dealba’s last night to meet a less active brother in the ward, have a short lesson and play a game. It was fun!

I got to introduce Sister Nye to lots of my favorite people here including Shirley, Paula, and Tera. At Shirley’s it is good to just sing to her and make her day a little better. At Paula and Tera’s I feel at home! The company and food are both wonderful! Bret and Chels were studying all week so we dint get to see them much. What is studying? Lame. 🙂

Well that is about all of things happening in Davenport since last week. I am loving the weather, the people, and getting to be companions with Sister Nye.

All is Well. I love you all!

Sister Despain


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