September 16th, 2013

This week the weather got very bipolar. Hot and humid at the beginning and then rainy and cold towards the end…I tried to look for a coat today for the cold in vain. I think I’m gonna freeze here. 

Most of our week consisted of cancelled appointments and miracles in between!

Miracle #1 Marianne Kustes was baptized on Saturday! The Lord has prepared her so well.

Miracle #2 we met an 76 year old lady named Alice who basically looks and talks like Mama Odie from princess and the Frog. She had been praying for someone to come find her and then (because of a cancelled appointment) there we were!

Miracle #3 At our mission tour we met Elder Gay and the entire day was the spiritual boost I needed!  

Our Heavenly Father knows exactly how to bless his children.

We got to see Bret and Chels, Paula and Tera (they gave me a jacket so when i go running in the morning I wont freeze then 🙂

 The funniest moment of the week happened on Tuesday when we were at Grace’s (a less active woman in the ward). They got a kitten and its cute but is mean. Well anyways she was trying to run away from Delila Grace’s daughter and Sister Nye was trying to move her foot but instead accidently launched the kitten across the room. Cats really do always land on their feet 🙂

 Read the talk “profile of a prophet” by Hugh B. Brown. It is very well said.

Sorry this is short but I love you all! Keep writing. even updates on your lives is wonderful to hear!


Sister Despain

(We made it a goal to take more pctures this week so here is the result on Saturday when we realized we had failed the rest of the week! Sister Nye is bomb!)





September 9th, 2013

This week was fairly average missionary week. Nothing too fantastic happened but nothing sad either so it was good.

I lied, a few fantastic things happened. The most fantastic thing that happened this week is that we reset MaryAnne Kustes’s baptism date to next Saturday! She is so ready and wants to be baptized as soon as possible! Kamden wants to keep meeting with us! We texted him just to see how he was and he said he wanted to meet. His progress might be slow but that’s okay.

We met Tyisha, who is another wonderful person that is extremely prepared to hear the gospel. She simply typed in “free bibles” into Google and popped up first. Love it. She has lots of potential. MaryAnn Beck is still having trouble. She knows what is true but she wants to sit on the fence in deciding between what she knows to be true and the things of the world. I told her that there is NO fence sitting. You are either for Christ or against Him! She didn’t love that but it made her think finally. We went to a family night at Brother and Sister Dealba’s last night to meet a less active brother in the ward, have a short lesson and play a game. It was fun!

I got to introduce Sister Nye to lots of my favorite people here including Shirley, Paula, and Tera. At Shirley’s it is good to just sing to her and make her day a little better. At Paula and Tera’s I feel at home! The company and food are both wonderful! Bret and Chels were studying all week so we dint get to see them much. What is studying? Lame. 🙂

Well that is about all of things happening in Davenport since last week. I am loving the weather, the people, and getting to be companions with Sister Nye.

All is Well. I love you all!

Sister Despain

September 3rd, 2013

This week was one of stress but so much JOY!

The start of the week was Sister Hunter saying goodbye and all that jazz. But then at transfers Sister Hunter went to Kirksville, Missouri and I got SISTER NYE! She is awesome so far! She is from Kaysville, Utah and has been out six months. She was actually sister Hunters MTC comp. We basically just switched companions because Sister Nye came from Kirksville and Sister Hunter is now comps with her old comp. That sounded confusing but, ya. During the closing song at transfers I put my arm around Sister Nye and said, “By the way we have a baptism tonight and Nauvoo on Saturday.” Needless to say she is enjoying Davenport 🙂

Anyways, right after transfers we booked it home for Sarah’s baptism. Everything went perfect. Sarah’s sister and boyfriend now want to learn more because they got goose bumps (aka the spirit) when she was baptized. Yay!

Friday was full of service at the hospital and then district meeting and weekly planning. Then SATURDAY! Probably the best day of my mission yet! We drove to Nauvoo with Chelsea and Bret to go to the temple for baptisms. We walked around the sites in the morning and in the brickyard the elder told us, “Doing your best is just the Mormon way!” I love that and am trying to live that more. Then…..Baptisms! We have FIVE yes five recent converts there from our ward. I got to stand by the font and handout towels but wow to see the joy on five peoples(plus everyone else) faces that a year ago had no clue about the blessings of this gospel was tremendous. And it made me so grateful to have a small part in the happiness! Missionary work is the best!

I am so grateful to be here, especially in Davenport! Even through trials there is happiness to be had!

“In all living have much fun and laughter. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured” President Hinckley.

I love you all!

Sister Despain

ImageSister Nye and Kelsey at Sarah’s Baptism

ImageGoodbye Sister Hunter 😦

 “Bret & Chels being goofs!”

ImageThe Arsenal



Image Sister Hunter & Kels

ImageA unicorn/llama! haha!