August 26th, 2013

This week was a whirlwind. I don’t have much time to write and it will be short so I am sorry!

I found out I am not getting transferred. I am SO happy to be staying in Davenport! I am very sad to see Sister Hunter go 😦 But such is life and a mission.  Lots of goodbyes… Anyways.

MaryAnn Beck bailed on her baptism. She was making up every excuse and that is where that dang agency comes in. (I actually love agency but its frustrating) but that happens. We can only do all WE can do and then they have to choose. We will continue to work with her.

We had a wonderful turn out at church with investigators and less actives. The Lord is still blessing us with success! My pday isn’t until Wednesday so I can’t write letters until then due to transfers. Just a heads up!

Sarah is getting baptized Thursday right after transfers! But she just moved out of our ward boundaries so right after her baptism we have to pass her over:( hopefully the ward fellowships her well! Then on Saturday I get to go to Nauvoo again! This time I get to go inside the temple to do baptisms with our ward. Bret and Chelsea got a ton of names from doing family history work! Yay! We even have a few investigators going to Nauvoo with us! It is such a great teaching tool to have the houses, streets, etc. where the Prophet Joseph walked. It all makes it so real in their minds.

Family, I am so glad I got to call Saturday. I wish It was on better terms but it was nice to hear your voices. Give everyone a hug for me and let me know how everything goes Friday.

I appreciate everyone love and support and now I have some extra help from the other side to give me a hand 🙂

I love you all so much! The plan of salvation is so real and we are in it! We can live celestial lives now!


Sister Despain



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