August 5th, 2013

O boy where do I start. This week was so long but fun.
     Interviews started out the week and as a group of missionaries we talked about the Atonement for three hours straight.  The spirit was strong!
     We said goodbye to some of our favorite couples in the ward this week as school is starting/ending and their summer internships are over. The Sharples are the couple in the pictures and they are done with Chiropractic school and moving on to Ohio.  Luciano(a Brazilian man in the ward) made us dinner on Thursday and mmmmmm yum!
     We met with MaryAnn(she is wearing a pink hat in the pictures.) and she is sometimes all for baptism and other days it is like a completely different person. It is emotionally draining. She did let us finally throw away her wine stash…which gave our elders at district meeting the bright idea to dump it out before throwing it away. Our zone leader accidentally poured it all over himself.
     BUT we had a miracle teaching moment this week. A few weeks ago I ran into a man named Walter He said he would came to church with us if we came to church with him, so we did. He was shocked to see us walk in on Sunday. It is an evangelical church and we were the only white people in the congregation. It was so different from our church meetings and so loud. Overall parts of truth were taught and it was an interesting experience. At the end of their service, the pastor invited us up to share a few words. I got to bear my testimony to an entire congregation about the Savior, Atonement and the restoration. It was awesome. We have an appointment with Walter(who happens to be the deacon their) next week.
     Finally we got to visit Nauvoo with Bret and Chelsea Grimes! By the time we got there most everything was closed so we just strolled the streets. Bret said on of the most powerful prayers I have ever heard near the grave site of Joseph, Hyrum, and Emma. The pageant was incredible and at the end they said that the land in between Nauvoo and Salt Lake is holy ground. That my friends is Iowa. My mission just became holy ground to me.
I hope you all have a fantastic week. This gospel is complete and amazing. Share it!
Sister Despain
Nauvoo Temple
Sister Hunter & Sister Despain
Sister Despain & the Sharples
Kesley, Chelsey & Brett Grimes, Sister Hunter
-Kelsey & an investigator MaryAnn-
999574_10201491843275012_1055395998_nKelsey with Randy & Sandy Harenburg in Nauvoo!

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