August 26th, 2013

This week was a whirlwind. I don’t have much time to write and it will be short so I am sorry!

I found out I am not getting transferred. I am SO happy to be staying in Davenport! I am very sad to see Sister Hunter go 😦 But such is life and a mission.  Lots of goodbyes… Anyways.

MaryAnn Beck bailed on her baptism. She was making up every excuse and that is where that dang agency comes in. (I actually love agency but its frustrating) but that happens. We can only do all WE can do and then they have to choose. We will continue to work with her.

We had a wonderful turn out at church with investigators and less actives. The Lord is still blessing us with success! My pday isn’t until Wednesday so I can’t write letters until then due to transfers. Just a heads up!

Sarah is getting baptized Thursday right after transfers! But she just moved out of our ward boundaries so right after her baptism we have to pass her over:( hopefully the ward fellowships her well! Then on Saturday I get to go to Nauvoo again! This time I get to go inside the temple to do baptisms with our ward. Bret and Chelsea got a ton of names from doing family history work! Yay! We even have a few investigators going to Nauvoo with us! It is such a great teaching tool to have the houses, streets, etc. where the Prophet Joseph walked. It all makes it so real in their minds.

Family, I am so glad I got to call Saturday. I wish It was on better terms but it was nice to hear your voices. Give everyone a hug for me and let me know how everything goes Friday.

I appreciate everyone love and support and now I have some extra help from the other side to give me a hand 🙂

I love you all so much! The plan of salvation is so real and we are in it! We can live celestial lives now!


Sister Despain



August 19th, 2013

This was quite the week!

First of all, Congrats to Mrs. Cami Stuart! Hope your day was wonderful.

Okay now onto the week in Davenport. I love it here and the weather is amazing.

MaryAnne #1 gets baptized this next week and wow she is ready. She had me weed eat her entire yard for about two hours straight. Sister Hunter didn’t know how to do it so my hands went numb. haha anyway she is excited and said she cannot wait for next Sunday!

MaryAnne #2 is not a member-confirmed. So she is also looking forward to being baptized, seeing as she already thought she was. Love finding people that have a desire to learn! She says after each lesson,”Ya it all just makes sense.” wow.

Kamden has had a rough week. He found some deep doctrine in his research of the church that is stopping him from progressing. But nevertheless we will try our best to teach him what we know but more importantly help him feel the spirit so the spirit can teach him.

Dwayne actually remembers what we teach him when he is drunk! He told us he wants to keep the word of wisdom and change. That is massive! I hope he holds to his word.

Becky is learning and reading the Book of Mormon more. Yay!

And We just inherited a new investigator this week and her name is Sarah. She is amazing and is looking towards a baptism date next week.  We are getting extremely blessed in Davenport and we are thankful for the work.

Bret and Chelsea are the best! Bret helps us teach (such an example of how recent converts should feel. like the book of Mormon says we cannot be content to just know for ourselves.) He is on fire with wanting to teach others. They took us to a nice Chinese restaurant called the Red Lantern. Needless to say they are the best.

Shirley, an older sister in our ward that lives in a nursing home, is so sweet. She doesn’t talk much when we are there but when we asked her what we could do for her again this week she said, just stay here with me. There are SO many people that simply need people to talk to even if that means just singing hymns to them for an hour. The little things make a huge difference.

In Elder Beckstead’s (he is heading back to Utah State to go to school. he is an awesome missionary!) last district meeting we listened to “unleash the dormant spirit “READ THIS TALK. It is powerful! Not sure who it is by though…

I got to see all of my MTC friends at the trainer meeting and they are all loving the mission too!

This weekend was stake conference and President Condie the Nauvoo temple president spoke (grandma and grandpa do you know him?) He talked about being punctual and exactly obedient. He said “What if the angel that was to stay the hand of Abraham from slaying Isaac had forgotten his appointment or was a few minutes late.”

Well for now that is all but I hope that lives up to Moms expectation of “more details”:) I love you all! Thrash on!

Sister Despain

 This is my district and the bad picture explains us more.

Then there is my wonderful sister missionary foot tan line… awesome. and the best part is I dont even have the strps on my shoes anymore becasue they broke but the tan lines still show from the strap.


August 12th, 2013

This week went by quickly. Our days were filled with service and lessons both with members and investigators. We finally organized MaryAnne’s living room and she was thrilled. She told us that she was going to write President Monson a letter to tell him what good missionaries we are. haha Our ward BBQ was a success we had Bret(our recent convert) picked up Kamden our investigator and they got along wonderfully. They even went to the River Bandit game together (that is a minor league team here in the Quad Cities).


Sunday was rough…. it seemed like everyone was bailing on their commitments. So after sacrament meeting we got up, turned around and saw…..Walter and Dorthy (the ones we went to their church last week), MaryAnne, Paula and Tera (the less active family that wants to adopt me), and Lacadia(another less active we have been working with). Overall a wonderful showing for sacrament. After church the elders had a baptism of a woman named Jessie that is a few months older than me but has had a hard life. She was SO excited to get baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. As I walked her into the chapel she turns to me and says O Crap (but she used a different word) I am so excited to finally be a member of this church. hahaha It was all I could do to not laugh but It was awesome to see how much it meant to her.


In our zone training we talked about repenting daily to more fully sanctify yourself. There is always more to learn about the gospel. It BLOWS MY MIND.


Sorry this letter is short but I can’t really remember anything more from this week. The work is good and keeps us busy!



Sister Despain


August 5th, 2013

O boy where do I start. This week was so long but fun.
     Interviews started out the week and as a group of missionaries we talked about the Atonement for three hours straight.  The spirit was strong!
     We said goodbye to some of our favorite couples in the ward this week as school is starting/ending and their summer internships are over. The Sharples are the couple in the pictures and they are done with Chiropractic school and moving on to Ohio.  Luciano(a Brazilian man in the ward) made us dinner on Thursday and mmmmmm yum!
     We met with MaryAnn(she is wearing a pink hat in the pictures.) and she is sometimes all for baptism and other days it is like a completely different person. It is emotionally draining. She did let us finally throw away her wine stash…which gave our elders at district meeting the bright idea to dump it out before throwing it away. Our zone leader accidentally poured it all over himself.
     BUT we had a miracle teaching moment this week. A few weeks ago I ran into a man named Walter He said he would came to church with us if we came to church with him, so we did. He was shocked to see us walk in on Sunday. It is an evangelical church and we were the only white people in the congregation. It was so different from our church meetings and so loud. Overall parts of truth were taught and it was an interesting experience. At the end of their service, the pastor invited us up to share a few words. I got to bear my testimony to an entire congregation about the Savior, Atonement and the restoration. It was awesome. We have an appointment with Walter(who happens to be the deacon their) next week.
     Finally we got to visit Nauvoo with Bret and Chelsea Grimes! By the time we got there most everything was closed so we just strolled the streets. Bret said on of the most powerful prayers I have ever heard near the grave site of Joseph, Hyrum, and Emma. The pageant was incredible and at the end they said that the land in between Nauvoo and Salt Lake is holy ground. That my friends is Iowa. My mission just became holy ground to me.
I hope you all have a fantastic week. This gospel is complete and amazing. Share it!
Sister Despain
Nauvoo Temple
Sister Hunter & Sister Despain
Sister Despain & the Sharples
Kesley, Chelsey & Brett Grimes, Sister Hunter
-Kelsey & an investigator MaryAnn-
999574_10201491843275012_1055395998_nKelsey with Randy & Sandy Harenburg in Nauvoo!