July 29th, 2013

Well let’s see…..This week was pretty hectic. I was the trainer of two out of our four mini-missionaries. They were both laurels from the stake here in Davenport doing a program called “called to serve” They were with us from Thursday to Sunday deciding if they would actually want to serve missions…their decisions based on three-ish days… No pressure at all. 🙂 They were awesome! I am fairly sure when I was their age I would have not been as confident in knocking doors. At the end of the program they bore their testimonies how they want to serve so much. The spirit helped them out there.  We did tons of service this week. Mostly weeding people’s yards, moving them, and even cleaning out someone’s basement after years of neglect. It leads to a very interesting and physically tiring week. I don’t have much time today because our p-day is only a few hours long. We are heading to Nauvoo and the pageant on Friday which will be our p-day. We get to go with Bret and Chelsea Grimes. They are awesome!  Anyways, we set a date with Kamden for August 25th and he is going to be so ready. He is constantly learning and asking questions. I wish everyone we ran into had the faith he had to do whatever Heavenly Father told him to do. MaryAnn felt the spirit so strong (she told us she did) in one of our lessons but ever since then she has been grumpy and really unresponsive. We will keep working on helping her bring the spirit into her life. Well the weather here in Iowa is Bipolar. One moment it can be super hot then it is pouring rain and cold. Pray that Friday will stay clear skies in Nauvoo. Sister Near, one of our mini missionaries told me this quote. “Dare to be Mormon. Dare to stand alone. Dare to have a purpose. Dare to make it known.” I love that. Have a wonderful week and happy birthday Mike!


Sister Despain

Zone Conference

Kelsey and Sister Hunter with their “mini-missionary” companions!



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