July 8th, 2013

Hello Everyone!

What started out as a rough week turned around very quickly! Tuesday and Wednesday were full of “spiritual finding” we talked to tons of people and had a total amount of …zero people interested in what we were saying. On Thursday, Happy Fourth of July, we met our awesome new mission president and his wife, The Jensen’s! Zone Conference is the best because it is like a nice long drink of spiritual water after being drained day after day with rejection. President Jensen didn’t have the opportunity to serve a mission, but he is stoked to be serving now! He helped create the GPS system and taught at the University of North Carolina I believe. The enthusiasm they both have for the work here in Iowa is contagious! We spent our evening with a less active family having a cook out. Paula and Tera, the mother and daughter, have such strong testimonies but haven’t been to church in a while. They are great people and make delicious food! America’s birthday was a big success!

Friday we were blessed with the baptism of Gage and all went well! He is 13 and really was excited to make this huge choice in his life. The spirit was so strong! On Saturday we set a date for Bret to be baptized on July 20th. Bret is going to Palmer Chiropractic School and recently married a member. Bret and Chelsea are such a strong couple. When we asked Bret if he remembered what the elders before had taught (our teaching records are not complete…) He pulled out his own copy of preach my gospel. We were amazed and then he basically taught us from it. Wow.

Image   Then Sunday….the best day of the week! Most of the people we invited to church came (mostly less active families) and then in testimony meeting after I sat down from bearing my testimony a large black man with tattoos stood up at the pulpit. I thought he was a member back from break (most of our ward has been gone since we have been here for Palmer break) and bore his testimony. Except he said my friends invited me here today and I know what everyone has said here is true. I love this church. Sister Hunter and I were amazed. He is in the elder’s area and we are so excited for them! The past five-ish new investigators they have found have been given to other areas. The last miracle of fast Sunday was Breeta! I had met her while on exchanges and she said we could come back but didn’t seem too interested. When we returned and taught her the plan of salvation, she agreed with everything, said she felt the spirit, and accepted a baptismal invite. She is Sister Hunter and I’s first new investigator that we have found. Such a wonderful feeling. The Lord really does listen and moves his work forward in his own time.

Tonight we have dinner with family in the ward and their friend that really wants to learn more. Sister Canfiled texted us last night and said, ” I am not sure if you are already planning on it, but Allison really wants a Book of Mormon so could you bring one for her.” We about died. The gospel is true and when we do our best to be exactly obedient, he will bless us.

Love you all!!

Sister Despain

p.s. I got to pet a tiny wild baby bunny. He was just sitting near the sidewalk. Made my day on Tuesday.


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