July 15th, 2013


*Life is good and the gospel is true!

This week was FANTASTIC! It started out on Monday night with Sister Canfield having us over for dinner and inviting her friend Alison. Alison had so many questions and we look forward to talking with her more but she wanted to just communicate through Sister Canfield for now, but hey at least it is a start! Then out of the blue we received three new investigators that are excited about the gospel!

1. Dwayne…yup the man who ran away from us. He was a member referral and he finally wants to hear more. We will see how that goes but still he isn’t running away 🙂

2. Becky. She is awesome. She said she recently started going to a new church but when they asked her to be baptized she felt there was something missing so she didn’t. She accepted a baptism invite and is excited to learn. She has no real background in the bible so it is fun for me to have to really learn the simple way to explain the gospel to others.

3. Last but not least, MaryAnn! She is an older lady so prepared by the Lord. We were trying to find a man from our potential list but his address did not exist (not uncommon for our potential list, luckily we could read the hand writing). We decide to ask the nice old lady sitting on her porch if she knew him and she said, “Hey I have been waiting for you to come back. I have that book the boys gave me.” We looked confused and she went inside and dug out her book of Mormon elders had given her years ago. It was insane. She has a baptismal date set for August 11th. On the first lesson she said she knew the Book of Mormon is true and when could she be a member of our church. Haha! We offered to help her clean up her house and she has had us working hard 🙂

The Lord is preparing people everywhere!

We were blessed to have Madelyn’s baptism yesterday (she is 8 but we have been teaching her since her mom is inactive). The day before the baptism we had a lesson on modesty and then a fashion show of all the clothes that would be appropriate for church. She is like a sponge soaking in the gospel. Her baptism really sparked interest in her family and especially her cousins her age.

We are excited for the baptism of Bret this week on Saturday! He kind of reminds me of Chet for some reason. His new wife Chelsea is the exact same age as me, kind of like most of the newly married people in the ward here. It is strange but nice because we get along super well 🙂

Well a few strange/funny things happened this week. Famous Dave’s the restaurant gave us a free huge bottle of barbecue sauce for coming in…Pretty sweet! We were also given a gift by one of our less active families that we adore…a beaded necklace with a cross on it. I am not sure they don’t know we don’t really use crosses in our church? It was very kind though.

That is all I can think of now but I will write again next Monday. Thank you all for the letters and the examples you are to me!

Sister Despain


p.s. Grandma and Grandma Despain and Grandma Holladay. Do you know the Ray’s that work in the Snowflake temple? Their son Brother Ray lives here and works at the Arsenal.


(Me with Carol, a less active, we had almost mathcing shirts…except hers was a mumu!)

(Me with the hose to fill up the font. We have to run it all the way across the church because our font doesn’t fill up fast enough)

(All of us at Madelyn’s baptism)

(Me with Madelyn at her baptism)


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