July 1st, 2013

Well Hello Everyone!

I must say Davenport summers have been very good to me. Today I was outside and I felt…cold. Strange! Last p-day I was in an extreme tornado warning. They have sirens and everything. I was talking to Sister Hunter and all of a sudden the sky was dark behind her. When we looked at the phone our district leaders had called like five times and we had to go into the laundry room in the basement for safety. Eventually it passed and we could resume our day but I guess a tornado was spotted about a mile from our apartment. That is the word on the street from our investigator Gage.

Speaking of Gage, he is getting baptized on Friday! So excited for him! He has so many questions that I have never even thought of before. I learn from him.

Our week was a little strange this week. We had exchanges and I was with Sister Little. She goes home in about a month and is heading back up to Utah State so we got along 🙂 Then we had a member referral that we visited. He seemed receptive at first and invited us back for a second visit. When we got there for the next visit he was walking down the street, saw us, and ran the other way. I kid you not; a forty year old man ran away from us and hid behind a see through bush. I was so upset because I have never felt so unwanted in my life, I don’t have leprosy people. Anyway things like this happen all the time. We had to simply shake it off. Next we had an appointment with a lady that we met while finding and she invited us back. When we got to her house she was clearly home (cigarette in ashtray still smoking and car in front) but she didn’t answer. We decided to go onto the next street to find. When we got on that street we both had the impression to go to this cute little house so we went. A lady answered and we started talking about her nails (sister hunter loves nails…) and I got the feeling that I should ask if she needs a hug. Now I am friendly but seriously spirit. I just knocked on her door and now you want me to hug her. So I asked, she then burst into tears. Her daughter was dying of Kidney Failure in Iowa City and she was about to leave when we knocked on the door. She really needed a hug and told us she would call us when she gets back from saying goodbye to her daughter. The spirit puts us in places we need to be if we listen. And if our appointment wouldn’t have fell through we wouldn’t have been able to be there for her. I love it. I also found out that day that blue hydrangeas (I think that is how you spell it) are my favorite flower!

Yesterday the missionaries taught two hours of church. The young couples in our ward are awesome. Basically they are the same age as us…but they are married….and we are on missions. Anyway there is a sister Anemd & sister Canfield from the ward that totally reminds me of Zoe. Visiting with her is great. Also an old man in our ward made (yes made) us jewelry. I got two pairs of earrings and more to come; he said…they are actually very cute.

We get to meet our new mission president on Thursday! Thank you Josh for sending me that missionary pocket reference book! If anyone wants to send me a cd of Mormon Tabernacle choir singing anything but hymns (that is the one cd I have) I would greatly appreciate it. I have already memorized the cd I have that isn’t hymns and I need something new 🙂 If anyone wants to join me and Gage in reading the Book of Mormon from front to back in the month of July please join. Read 18 pages a day! It’s doable.

I love you all and have an amazing Fourth of July!


Sister Despain

*Mosiah 24:15 – And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord didstrengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.





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