June 24th, 2013


It has been raining here in Davenport like crazy! It doesn’t rain in Gilbert compared to this.  There are so many bunnies and squirrels here but they are all black for some reason (the elders call the squirrels, “squiggers”…). Also the humidity hates my hair, but hey my skin is super soft from it 🙂

The Jergensen’s are done and our new mission president, the Jenson’s come next week. Which I am excited about!

This past week has sure been one of ups and downs. Many of our potential investigators bailed on our appointments or they did not want to change. One of our solid investigators gave us her real address (we met her at her friends) and she lives in the elders area. That is okay though, it doesn’t matter who teaches her as long as she gets taught. We did meet a lady named Toni who is awesome! She was meeting with the missionaries about four months ago and the elders just stopped coming….we have no record of her in the books and she said she would love to continue investigating the church. YAY!

Thank you to anyone that sent a letter this week! I am making my comp jealous every day when the mailbox is full of letters for me. I feel so loved, so thank you a ton!

Also THANK YOU a ton Mom and Dad for teaching me how to work hard and keep a clean house! That is something I took for granted and now I could not be more grateful for a home that is clean and centered in the gospel!

The members here are awesome! Shirley, who is in a nursing home, loves it when I sing to her. She makes me make up songs with the word pink in it. She doesn’t respond or like most people but for some reason she thinks I am “sweet”. She asked me and sister hunter where we were from. When I answered, Arizona she looked at me completely puzzled and said…”why are you white” Elder Dyer from Alabama died laughing because I am the tanner of my companionship. But I must admit my tan lines are getting ridiculous. Especially on my feet and where my watch and rings are.  It’s bad.

Anyway my favorite person in the ward so far is Brother Zesiger. He is an old man that has one paralyzed vocal cord. Yet he still calls us each week to “report on his missionary work”. If every member where more like him we would be set. He is so cute. He brings his wife from the nursing home to sacrament and then takes her home after then comes back for the rest of church. He does not let his age be an excuse for anything!

At dinner with a couple in our ward the man was talking about how is wife converted to the gospel after general conference. She was saying all these spiritual reasons and he turns to us and said, “The only reason Sally converted is because Dieter is a chick magnet” I died laughing. Also there is a family in our ward that had a civil war themed wedding…and I thought, Dad is into the civil war.

Planning is my favorite. President Monson said,” wishing will not make it so, the Lord expects our action.” I have found that when we plan we accomplish so much more. The other day in planning sister hunter and I blew our minds when we started talking about Kolob and how our missions pass so quickly…we had to stop thinking.

The missionary devotional was great, wasn’t it?

Our mission split with Chicago West so the zone next to ours is not even in our mission anymore. I am glad that I wasn’t there, I don’t think my mind can take anymore change just right now.

Anyway, I will stop rambling now and get back to work but I love you all!



Sister Despain



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