June 17th, 2013

Hello Hello!
Thank you Grandma Holladay and Olivia for the letters! They kept me going through this extremely hard week. Since my companion and I are “white washing” or starting up the area, it is rough. I got my first experiences knocking doors. Most everyone here is hardcore church goers so a lot of doors slammed in the face. Many people here are stuck in this rut where they make bad decisions because that is what their parents did,and their parents parents until it is one crazy cycle! We are trying to stop that cycle and show them their potential.  Sister Hunter and I had a few, what I like to call “curb cry” moments. only a few though on a few special occasions when we got told to go to a hot place or my personal favorite, that I am wasting my life. Its a good time. The best parts of the of the week included setting two baptismal dates for July.  I think by far the hardest rule to follow is not holding the babies! They all tempt me to hold them but I cant. The highlight of knocking doors is one night the last door we knocked, two little girls answered. Their names were Abigail and Rachel. They talked to us for a few minutes about everything they could think of. We handed them a  mormon.org card and told them we had to go. They both ran past my comp and up to me and gave me a huge hug. The littlest one looked up at me and said,”You are the prettiest girl ever.” then ran inside. I am not sure why but it made my day. The Lord knows how to cheer us up even if it is with strangers. But little kids, regardless of if they are  members or not seem to know us.
I love teaching. It comes so easy for me because it isn’t me! Dad, I have used your plan of salvation visual like three times now and everyone loves it. They are like, Who is Steve Despain and why did he die? Then i have to explain that you are the football player and you dint die. Haha! People here over share a lot. Already i know things about people I wish i never knew about anyone. Some people think because we are missionaries they can confess to us…its odd.
Fathers day was rough. Everyone kept saying, “don’t forget to call your dads today..” well needless to say my comp and I cried many times. I just like to cry I guess.
We volunteer every Friday at the hospital gift shop which is uber exciting 🙂
All I can say is please be a good member missionary! We need you! The work is harder without you and you should be in it! All you have to do it socially convert people and the missionary can spiritually convert them!
Look up the Bill Carpenter story! He went to my mission and he has an amazing conversion story.
I love you all! Sorry this was a bit scatterbrained.
Love kels
Here is some pictures that Kels sent to share!
Sister Lindgren
MTC Teachers and District
Kelsey & Gage
The Mississippi
My bedroom
Leaving the MTC
Sad wall at the MTC
My living room/desk
My sad finger!
The hospital we volunteer at on Fridays

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