May 24th, 2013

Hey family!

I don’t even know where to start and I feel like I should have gotten better at typing before I left because I only have a short time. This may be repetitive for the letter I sent earlier this week…well yesterday. It feels like I have been in here for FOREVER! I can’t even describe how long the days are and how much I have learned so far. I forgot my cord to put pictures on the computer so you will get those next week. There are a few gems, like me and my new companion accidentally matching and me seeing Zoe and Branson… I mean Sister Johnson and Elder Kitterman. That is the hardest thing to not call people by their name. I have seen some other ambassadors for USU here. It is weird seeing people you know because you don’t have time to talk so you just hug or shake hands and then…nothing. I cried when I first saw Zoë.

It is like another world in here. We are in classrooms the better part of the days and learning about investigators. After I finishing emailing and laundry I meet with my first investigator with just my comp and I. My companion is Halee Rogers from Gilbert, AZ.  She is Brett Burnham’s cousin and lives in Randa’s stake. She went to highland but we still get along pretty well. There have only been a couple times I have been super homesick, but I cried a little to myself and moved on. You have too or else you end up like the sisters and elders that let it consume them until it makes them sick. Mostly I just am tired all the time. You think wow all those times I should have gone to sleep earlier…I should have to build up extra sleep for now; even though that isn’t possible!

Thank you all for the letters and such. I had to wait until today to get them which was no good but we had to wait to know who our district leader was. All the elder sin my district are going to Mesa, AZ and everyone else in our zone is Des Moines) minus a few going to South Dakota, but our whole district came and leaves the same time.

Keep writing letters and packages or anything. It feels like I don’t talk very much because even though my comp is cool I don’t think she cares too much of what I feel or say…Everyone has their own problems and concerns I guess. Any who my p-days are Friday here and I leave June 5th for Iowa. Mom I should call you then sometime. I will let you know.

So…… it is very hard to concentrate in this room because there are about 30 missionaries all talking loud and typing. Time alone here is not a thing, and I am realizing how much I like that time alone.

Well I have to go to finish laundry and it is kicking me off so I will write you another email next Friday and probably a letter in between then. Love you all!

Love Sister Despain

Here are a few pictures that Sister Despain sent with her email this week!

(Sister Rogers & Sister Despain)

(Sister Despain & Sister Johnson)


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