Sister Kelsey Rae Despain left this morning to fly to Salt Lake City to go to the Missionary Training Center!

Last night she got set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This morning we woke up and she said to me, “I cannot believe that this is happening! I am really going to go on my mission! I am so excited!” It was a teary night last night, however this morning was one of excitement and determination. Sister Despain will make one amazing missionary, and the people of Iowa are lucky to have her!

Here are a few pictures from this morning’s drop-off!!

photo (3)
(Sister Despain)

photo (6)
(Dad, Mom, Sister Despain, & me)

photo (4)
(Uncle Jeff, Sister Despain, & Aunt Amy)

photo (2)
(This one is hard for me to look at!)

Last glance back!
(Sister Despain’s final goodbye!)

I am so proud of this lady and I know that she will make a great missionary!

“Missionary work isn’t the only thing we need to do in this big, wide, wonderful Church. But almost everything else we need to do depends on people first hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ and coming into the faith. … With all that there is to do along the path to eternal life, we need a lot more missionaries opening that gate and helping people through  it.”

                                                                                                -Jeffrey R. Holland


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