May 31st, 2013

Okay All!
I have a lot to say and only a little time to write so bear with me! It will be random and jump from place to place! YAY!  I love you all! This week I got to see Jennie, Morgan, Kate Knight, Maddie Bell, Christain Hobbs, Morgan Burns, and Kelsey Schwab (from USU), and had to say goodbye to Zoe. (Jennie said to tell her parents that her P-day got cancelled or something like that, so she will email next week.) Anyway It was great to see everyone and feel like I actually existed outside of these MTC walls. Sometimes I forget that all the other missionaries are people too instead of robots. All you say to most people you see is, “hello elder or sister good morning/afternoon/evening” unless you sit with them at lunch or they are in your zone. Other than that….robots. Really happy robots.
My week went a little something like this Sunday:
Steven Allen gave the devotional. He threw his talk away and said, “say a prayer about what you want me to talk about and I will.” And HE DID! Find the “Splash” Mormon message video and watch it. We must finish every race we start, no exceptions. “You don’t have to speak to teach”. (This week is not in order because I don’t remember most of what happens…I thought today was Tuesday for the first half of the day instead of Friday..)
Elder Zwick spoke on Tuesday  about how to build our foundation;
1. start with the end in mind(have a vision for where you want to be in 18 months, 3 years, 7 years and then plan on how to make that vision happen)
2. have a strong desire and commitment
3. have the willingness and discipline to work
4. prepare for challenges
5. have structural and spiritual integrity
6. have TOTAL dedication to the Lord
Such a great devotional. “Obedience to the commandments brings blessing, exact obedience brings miracles.”
Some cool thoughts I have had in class and study:
*Just like Heavenly Father took time and effort to create our earthly home, he is putting in the same time and effort to prepare our heavenly home.
*We must all keep our conversion current. Daily experiences with  the spirit.
*Our teachers told us that the best people to talk to about the gospel are people with recent deaths, births, or move-ins.
My teachers are the bomb. Sister Coltrin and Brother McClain. They are RM’s and I bet on their missions they were the best missionaries in the filed because they know so much about the gospel. They never give us straight answers and ‘Rafiki’ us a lot by telling us abstract things, making us think for ourselves, and then walking away. It is helpful but frustrating!
On Monday we started teaching what we call a TRC (not quite positive what that means) but they are an investigator (either member acting or real investigator you never know). His name is Daniel Limon and well…it was interesting. He wouldn’t let us in for a good give minutes because he said he was catholic and didn’t want anything to do with the gospel. The “friend” that refereed him he hates so that made for awkward conversation. Then once we finally got in and started to share our message. He stopped us and asked us where we were from. We both said AZ and he just stopped and said, “get out of my house right now. You come from an evil place. you talk just like all of them and look just like all of them how do I know you are good.” He basically continued to say he prays that AZ gets whats coming to them for being racist(he is originally from mexico) We calmly had to tell him we were NOT racist and that we are all children of God. HE finally calmed down and For some reason he would only talk or listen to me. Completely ignoring sis rogers. So I taught the entire forty five minute lesson. actually the spirit taught the lesson because I was so shaken up I couldn’t have done it by myself. At the end he invited us back for a return visit. on that return visit he told me I could come in after another good five minutes but not sister rogers. I told him I couldn’t go anywhere she isn’t so he let her in. After the spirit speaking through both of us he committed to read part of the Book of Mormon and think about being baptized. It was a complete 180. which is what the gospel does. Amazing
Then we have Jill as our other investigator. She is our teacher Sister Coltrin so it is less scary but she is a great actor. She never breaks the character while we are in lessons. We have taught her five or so lessons so far and she finally committed to be baptized June 23rd. It is insane how when I study it is not for me anymore it is for her. AND the love i feel for her and the spirit that testifies of her needs even though she is a pretend investigator, it never feels that way. Sister rogers and I rock at teaching together! We have gotten along so much better the past two days which has improved our teaching. Overall I love to teach by the spirit and feel that love that Christ feels for them. And because of that I am so excited to leave to Iowa on Wednesday and get to work!
For my plaque that hangs in the church (Cort please pick a good picture) and the scripture I want on it is D&C 6:36 if one hasn’t already been picked. If so that’s okay 🙂
CORT: Sister Caldwell from EA says hi(you visit taught her?)
MOM: I don’t care what you write about. I want to hear everything. It doesn’t make it harder. Just write.
RANDA: Thank you for the emails! I love the pictures and everything!
I hardly have anytime to read emails once I get on for my hour so please just print it out and send it in the mail. I like mail better anyways because I can keep it and read it anytime. Just write! It is so true that missionaries LOVE mail. We make our district leader check the mail almost three times a day…just in case something else came. Needless to say he doesn’t like to.
I love it here because from Sun up til sun down I have absolutely nothing else to do or think about other than the gospel and having the spirit with me. It is unreal 🙂 Ya sometimes it gets hard and you might question why you are here. Then I pray and BOOM I cannot deny the feeling of peace the overcomes me. Please send pictures. Especially the family pictures I am dying to see them! I love you all! And I will call Dads phone on Tuesday sometime, that is the number i remember :(. Love you!
Sister Despain
D&C 6:36 reads: “Look unto me in every though; doubt not, fear not.”
Provo Temple

Sister Despain at the Provo Temple

Sister Despain & President Boon (MTC Branch President)
Sister Despain & President Boon (MTC Branch President)

Sister Despain & Christain Hobbs (possibly?)

Sister Rogers & Sister Despain


Sister Woodbury & Sister Despain

Sister Rogers & Sister Despain

Sister Despain & Sister Matsen

Sister Despain & Sister Lewis

P-Day fun!

Still representing ARIZONA!

I don’t know who all of these people are and she didn’t
tell me so if you know, let me know so I can label them!!



May 24th, 2013

Hey family!

I don’t even know where to start and I feel like I should have gotten better at typing before I left because I only have a short time. This may be repetitive for the letter I sent earlier this week…well yesterday. It feels like I have been in here for FOREVER! I can’t even describe how long the days are and how much I have learned so far. I forgot my cord to put pictures on the computer so you will get those next week. There are a few gems, like me and my new companion accidentally matching and me seeing Zoe and Branson… I mean Sister Johnson and Elder Kitterman. That is the hardest thing to not call people by their name. I have seen some other ambassadors for USU here. It is weird seeing people you know because you don’t have time to talk so you just hug or shake hands and then…nothing. I cried when I first saw Zoë.

It is like another world in here. We are in classrooms the better part of the days and learning about investigators. After I finishing emailing and laundry I meet with my first investigator with just my comp and I. My companion is Halee Rogers from Gilbert, AZ.  She is Brett Burnham’s cousin and lives in Randa’s stake. She went to highland but we still get along pretty well. There have only been a couple times I have been super homesick, but I cried a little to myself and moved on. You have too or else you end up like the sisters and elders that let it consume them until it makes them sick. Mostly I just am tired all the time. You think wow all those times I should have gone to sleep earlier…I should have to build up extra sleep for now; even though that isn’t possible!

Thank you all for the letters and such. I had to wait until today to get them which was no good but we had to wait to know who our district leader was. All the elder sin my district are going to Mesa, AZ and everyone else in our zone is Des Moines) minus a few going to South Dakota, but our whole district came and leaves the same time.

Keep writing letters and packages or anything. It feels like I don’t talk very much because even though my comp is cool I don’t think she cares too much of what I feel or say…Everyone has their own problems and concerns I guess. Any who my p-days are Friday here and I leave June 5th for Iowa. Mom I should call you then sometime. I will let you know.

So…… it is very hard to concentrate in this room because there are about 30 missionaries all talking loud and typing. Time alone here is not a thing, and I am realizing how much I like that time alone.

Well I have to go to finish laundry and it is kicking me off so I will write you another email next Friday and probably a letter in between then. Love you all!

Love Sister Despain

Here are a few pictures that Sister Despain sent with her email this week!

(Sister Rogers & Sister Despain)

(Sister Despain & Sister Johnson)


Sister Kelsey Rae Despain left this morning to fly to Salt Lake City to go to the Missionary Training Center!

Last night she got set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This morning we woke up and she said to me, “I cannot believe that this is happening! I am really going to go on my mission! I am so excited!” It was a teary night last night, however this morning was one of excitement and determination. Sister Despain will make one amazing missionary, and the people of Iowa are lucky to have her!

Here are a few pictures from this morning’s drop-off!!

photo (3)
(Sister Despain)

photo (6)
(Dad, Mom, Sister Despain, & me)

photo (4)
(Uncle Jeff, Sister Despain, & Aunt Amy)

photo (2)
(This one is hard for me to look at!)

Last glance back!
(Sister Despain’s final goodbye!)

I am so proud of this lady and I know that she will make a great missionary!

“Missionary work isn’t the only thing we need to do in this big, wide, wonderful Church. But almost everything else we need to do depends on people first hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ and coming into the faith. … With all that there is to do along the path to eternal life, we need a lot more missionaries opening that gate and helping people through  it.”

                                                                                                -Jeffrey R. Holland