September 8th, 2014

This week was rough. Sister Hill was sick and then the next day after she got better, it got passed right on to me. Never good for the work BUT we still did everything we could. Most of our other appointments fell through and most everyone was ‘too busy”. We did paint a fence and two of our investigators came to church. Our district leader called us last night for numbers then he said”… what happened.” good times Somehow I am grateful for weeks like this because it helps us appreciate every other week so much more! The work is still true and moving forward! Opposition in all things right? 🙂 I love you all and since we have not heard anything about transfers it looks like we will both be staying in Cedar Rapids! Yay!

~Sister Despain
akward CR District
This picture is perfect for our district…super awkward.


Patricia 🙂

September 2nd, 2014

Looking back at this week I cannot believe all that happened. We started it off with another exchange with the Sisters serving in Mt. Vernon. I got to work with Sister Call who came out with me to the mission. It was a little strange being out the same amount of time but her kind of looking up to me for advice. One of the strange things about my new assignment.  On exchanges everything fell through so we did a ton of finding and I love being able to meet new people that have no idea about the gospel but are willing to listen!

Again the majority of our week was teaching and service. Eli and Eric are still working towards baptism and I learn from them all the time. I am always so amazed by what we DO know. The gospel isn’t anything new and we have learned it before. When we teach, the people are just remembering what they have already known.

Yesterday for p-day (o by the way Happy Belated Labor Day! I hope you all had fun at the reunion!) the entire zone met up at the palisades which is part of the state park. We played ultimate Frisbee, caught snails, played football, etc. It was a blast! When we were getting ready to leave one of the sisters realized they had locked their keys in their truck so Sister Hill and I waited for the vehicle coordinator to bring the spare keys from Des Moines. But when he arrived (after a 2 hour drive) he found out he had forgotten the key… was an adventure. So this morning was spent driving to get the key and returning the truck to the sisters. Pretty funny!  We have to learn to laugh at ourselves and seek happiness (Alma 27:18) 🙂

In other news I held a cute turtle and Sister Anderson gave us scarfs for helping them paint the garage (I turned mine into a skirt….I know I’m weird). Life here in Cedar Rapids continues to be good to me. Sister Hill keeps me sane and the wonderful people we see everyday remind how patient and loving Heavenly Father is with each of us.

I love you all!

~Sister Despain

mt vernon exchanges AugExchanges with the Mt. Vernon sisters.



turtle…Don’t worry we let him go in the wild!


Michele's craft roomMichele, our investigators craft glasses….hott stuff!

August 25th, 2014

Iowa sure is growing on me!

Monday we had a fairly uneventful p-day until we pulled into to the garage at the Andersons. They had their sprinklers on (which is VERY unusual for Iowa since the grass usually gets green from all the moisture) and I could not pass up an opportunity. I looked at sister Hill and ran before she could say anything. At first she just laughed at me and then realized how fun it looked. We ran in them for thirty minutes laughing and acting like kids. Brother Anderson had a good laugh at us when we came inside the house. Sometimes I forget the little things Heavenly Father gave us are so we can have joy (2 Nephi 2:25)!

Tuesday we embarked on my first exchanges in Cedar Falls. I was with Sister Pierce and getting to know the other sisters is one of the best things about being a sister training leader! We knocked on doors and didn’t find a single person, but I did get offered some pigs’ feet to eat. Sometimes Heavenly Father wants us to show him we are willing to be diligent even if we see nothing from our efforts! On the way home Sister Hill and I saw a sign for the world’s largest frying pan so we had to stop. Oh Iowa.

The rest of the week until Saturday was the normal Cedar Rapids missionary work. Lots of appointments and finding new people often. This area is so blessed and I am lucky to be serving here with Sister Hill. I pray that transfers leaves us alone in a few weeks 🙂

Saturday I got to reunite with Sister Bingham and we had a day to be companions. She is a great missionary and I wish our companionship could have been less stressful in Iowa City. She is training Sister White from Chino, AZ but sister white came like pre-trained. She is very in tune with the spirit! On exchanges we met some interesting people from Haiti so we had to attempt to teach using French pamphlets. A few are actually interested and we will meet with them again this week. All I do on exchanges is learn from the sisters around me. It is a neat experience!

Sister Hill has pointed out that we am becoming very Iowan in our speech. I don’t even notice until she points it out. Using phrases like “a couple few” and “warsh”. Iowa sure is growing on me

I love you all! For anyone that is reading the Book of Mormon with me we should be on page 270 today.

~Sister Despain

Cedar Falls exchanges AugExchanges we sister in the area

Cr 1exchanges

Frying panFrying pan adventures!!

Sprinklers2After running through the sprinklers

August 18th, 2014

Okay I am attempting to put in words my week, but I am struggling. A majority of this week was spent in meetings and giving trainings to missionaries in the stake. We got to train on enduring to the end well. Not just in our missions, but each day of our life. We used the talk by Elder Wirthlin, “Come what may and love it” and rereading that was exactly what I needed! Training is not as nerve racking as I thought it would be.

We met with so many people and I love teaching people more and more each week! I am not sure if I mentioned this already but most of the people we are teaching are from other countries. Pompey, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc. and so I am learning so much about culture too. Who would have guessed in Iowa? Cedar Rapids is a melting pot for sure. We found many new people to teach this week, including a man form Mexico whose mother makes some of the best Mexican food I’ve eaten in over a year, maybe in my life. We are being so blessed with the chance to teach people that are prepared. Hopefully we will get to help with a baptism in the next few weeks of a wonderful nine-year-old boy.  Heavenly Father has been working on Cedar Rapids for quite some time 🙂

I can’t think of anything else new except sometimes here in Cedar Rapids the air smells like Captain Crunch because of the Quaker oats factory. That is delicious

I love you all and pray for you everyday!

~Sister Despain

**Pictures: Sister Hill and I discovered why we are friends. We both have onesie pajamas…**


IMG_4745In our “spare” time!


August 11th, 2014

This email will be very short but it is mostly because there is a line of people waiting for computers here at the library. I love Ceder Rapids and am still trying to adjust and remember all the information: names, directions, all the background of each person, and so much more.

We went to mission leadership council this week in Iowa City and my entire mission the people that go to mlc make it sound so secret but myth busted. The majority of the all day meeting was area reports and then the other part was training. Nothing secret, nothing new. I learned a lot and will have to train in a few meetings this week on what I learned.

The main efforts of our week went to finding since hardly any of our investigators were home. They were all at a sweet corn festival at a large church in the area. Other than that we had Eli and Eric (a mother and her son) come to church and set a baptismal date for September. O also I met the Reels (a family in the ward) and they made me feel so at home! Same from last week Sister Hill rocks and the work goes on 🙂

Love you all!

~Sister Despain

Here is a little story that Kelsey shared with me! I thought it was hilarious and I think you will too!
“One very funny thing that happened while we were out finding was an older man in a wheel chair came up to us and asked me how my love life was….. I was shocked and couldn’t even reply before he whispered, “You little devil!”, then rode off………..excuse me IOWA! HAHAHHAHA Obviously sister Hill and I died laughing. Some people!”

Bad picture from mission leadership council of the sisters matching in dots…thats what you get for having elders take the pictures!

Pompey(spelt wrong) snack of papaya, koolaid mix, kimchi, and vinegar…yum…we will take it for the road.

August 4th, 2014

What a long change-filled week!

Saying goodbye in Dubuque was brutal. I cannot believe how quickly I love the people where I serve, then having to say goodbye is difficult. BUT I know that I will love this area just as much.

Due to transfers, the beginning of the week was all goodbyes and testimonies. The Marshallese members threw Hermana Law, Elder Peter, and I a see you later party. I am learning that as a missionary you have to say goodbye many times but really you will get to see all of these members and investigators again! I am so glad I know Sister Brown will take wonderful care of Dubuque and all the people there for me!

At transfers I got sent to Ceder Rapids with Sister Hill! Seriously we get along so well, this is going to be amazing! She has been out 6 weeks longer than me but has had a ton of leadership opportunities so she knows what to do. I am grateful that I get to learn from her with this new responsibility we have. We live with a wonderful couple in the ward in their very nice house. The people we teach are from all over the world: Pompey, Haiti, Africa. Who would have guessed. Everything is still so new to me I am trying to process it all and get into the swing of things so I don’t have too much to tell today.

Thank you for all of the support and love! I can feel it all the way in Ceder Rapids, Ia.

~Sister Despain


The Jally’s

Sister Hill & I

My bedroom

“See you later” Party!

July 28th, 2014

I love to see the temple!

I have no clue where to start describing this crazy awesome week!

Monday we were driving to one of our amazing member’s houses in Illinois and the bridge was closed so we had to drive into Wisconsin to get there. Of course we had to stop in a sketchy trailer/store to get some genuine Wisconsin cheese 🙂 (See picture #1)

Over the whole week we got to teach Jes over the phone and I am amazed by her desire to learn. She teaches us 🙂

Then on Saturday we went to Nauvoo for Bret and Chelsea’s sealing!!!! I feel so lucky to know them and that for some reason Heavenly Father let me be a small part in their lives! The sealing was incredible just to see them know that death is not the end of their time together! Wow. I love the Temples and the Gospel.  That short time in the temple was probably the highlight of my mission thus far. As missionaries we talk about Enduring to the end and being able to help those we teach, make covenants in the temple and I was blessed to see that!

Sister Merrick drove us to Nauvoo so we got the opportunity again to see the pageant! Again I am not sure why I have been so lucky to see so much on my mission.

So many more happy things happened this week like getting to see pictures of Braelyn! I am stoked to have a new addition to the family! Heavenly Father really does love us!

President called me this morning told me I was being transferred from Dubuque, and asked me to be a sister training leader. It still hasn’t hit me yet what that means mostly because I’m not really sure haha. We will see! All I know right now is that I am going to miss Dubuque and the people here very much!

I love you all!

Sister Despain

Jes and I

Dubuque District

The Grimes’

Wisconsin Cheese